Book Online Tickets for HINDI/FUSION REVOLUTION, Pune. IRED OF THE PATHETIC BOLLYWOOD TRASH GOING AROUND?? FED UP OF BROWSING THROUGH HUNDREDS OF BOLLYWOOD SONGS TO FIND ONE MEANINGFUL SONG??OR Even if you are one of those that think if the music is Hindi then it is going to be stereotypically



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Even if you are one of those that think if the music is Hindi then it is going to be stereotypically based on lavish costumes and flamboyant colours and insane dance moves???
Do you know we (Pune) have an insane amount of potential in Hindi/Fusion musicians along with heavy metal and blues but they get half as much attention for being non-commercial??

THE STORMBRINGER team presents their first Hindi/Fusion event sponsored bySeamedu Media School , where we will showcase the upcoming talent prevalent in Pune’s music scene in a series of ‘gigs’ dedicated to Hindi/Fusion bands or artists. A unique platform for these local musicians to stand up and communicate to everyone that not all mainstream music needs incoherent instrumentation and beats, violent and unsocial lyrics and sexual innuendos all just to make a song memorable and commercial.

RAD (Rajesh & Arpit Duo) 
A hindi acoustic project by Rajesh Purigella of Ledge13, the grunge band from Pune, accompanied by Arpit Daphalapurkar to perform their hindi OCs 

Rumesh Inc

Rumesh Inc, a Hindi-rock outfit by various members of different local rock bands Soul Society, PMOC, 1-800 and A Mutual Question, come together to entertain the majority of the population as Rumesh Inc. Rumesh is a common man who has different experiences and interactions in life. He is generally a quiet and shy person and does not vent out any emotion unless he is under the influence of Rum. Rum gets out all the emotions that are brimming inside Rumesh. This is where Rumesh Inc step in. Rumesh Inc is an outlet for the wide range of emotions, feelings, thoughts and drunken rants that Rumesh goes through.
Every song is a story being told by Rumesh.

AntariX -

Antarix is an Alternative Rock band playing a mix of Fusion & Classical rock music. As per them, ‘We are the ones from IT (Information Technology) to Pay the Bills... but we eat n breathe Music to stay Alive.’ Their influences range from Agnee, Parikrama, Indian Ocean, Poets of the Fall, Scorpions, Deep Purple, Robbie Williams, Sufi Music

Aagamya -

Aagamya is a progressive rock band from Pune. Formed just recently in April 2013. They have already made a name for themselves by standing out at college competitions. Their music captures the soul of Indian music blended with a western rock flavour. Another band part of various outfits from the Pune circuit Aagamya’s sound is defined by their heavy influences of Hindustani classical music fused within a western instruments.

Mannfarid -

Mannfarid is an Alternative Progressive-Rock band. Unique indeed and brilliantly talented. They diversified from initial English lyrical themes to Hindi , while retaining and enhancing the sound of the band. The whole idea being, to bring in a fresh new sound along with a traditional sound with a little 'Desi ' feel. "We perceive our sound towards the heavier side yet keeping the melody alive. All of the band members have distinctive influences and style from each other. Each of us hale from combination of genres like Metal , Rock Fusion , Indian Classical , Progressive. So the idea is to harness these influences to introduce a fresh new sound. Yes, the sound of Mannfarid." - Onkar Tarkase, guitars (Mannfarid, Chaoskampf)

Venue: Hotel Shaurya Executive, Kaspate Corner, Wakad, Pune 
Time: 5.30 pm onwards
Entry: Rs.200


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