Heritage Walk - History Walks

Heritage Walk - History Walks


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Heritage Walk - History Walks.

Hauz Khas: Old and New by the Lakeside. On the auspicious festival of Basant Panchami.

The Hauz Khas Village complex is a lovely example of many historic cities breathe together to make Delhi one of the most fascinating historic cities of the world. Historic monuments from the 13th and 14th centuries, reign tall over the Hauz Khas - the royal tank; and 21st century markets, art and design enterprises, bookshops and hubs of activity and recreation spring up in the vicinity. Come explore this meeting of times in the heart of Delhi.

Our walk coincides with the festival of Basant Panchami, a festival celebrating the arrival of spring. Celebrate with yellow!

Itinerary & Places Visited
11 am: Wake-up coffee at Kunzum Travel Cafe
11.15 - 12 noon: Walk around Hauz Khas monuments (14th century)
12 noon - 1 pm: Walk of the village markets: art galleries, design stores & bookshops etc.
1-1.30 pm: Darshan at Jagannath Temple
1.30 - 3pm: Walk around the Hauz Khas Lake (14th century) and Basanti Picnic Lunch at Munda Gumbad.

Notes -
Dress Code: It is 100% mandatory to wear all yellow. It is a tradition to wear new yellow cotton clothes, please make an effort to blend in with the season. In case of emergency, white is the best alternative. No Black or dark colours please!
Bring yellow gifts for fellow participants - lemons, melons, flowers..

Pricing Details - Registration Details: Contribute Rs. 1100/- per person (includes snacks, lunch)

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