Hennessy Artistry India

Hennessy Artistry India


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WHAT: The Hennessy artistry India Club Series makes a debut in Chennai with artistes Bandish Projekt and Gods Robots

Enlightening the taste buds, Hennessy artistry is a guide to how people drink Hennessy VS around the globe - with a mix of the classic and the contemporary. The platform brings together the two elements that define contemporary after-hours: music and trendy long-drinks.

The event will present Indian electronic-dance-music talents Bandish Projekt and Gods Robots, sharing the stage for the very first time, to create a unique sound. Completing the experience for the party-people of Chennai will be a range of Hennessy VS long-drinks. Choose to enjoy your glass of Hennessy VS with soda, over ice or with a splash of ginger-ale, orange juice or apple juice.

WHEN AND WHERE: February 25, 2012 at Dublin, Sheraton Park Hotel and Towers, Chennai


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