Book Online Tickets for Health Outcomes of Childhood ADHD - Impa, Fremont.  Training Options  Duration: 60 Minutes  Friday, June 8, 2018   |   10:00 AM PDT | 01:00 PM EDTOverview:    That childhood ADHD predisposes to increased risks for impairment in educational, family, pe

Health Outcomes of Childhood ADHD - Impact on Life Expectancy and Clinical Implication


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 Training Options  Duration: 60 Minutes  
Friday, June 8, 2018   |   10:00 AM PDT | 01:00 PM EDT

Overview:    That childhood ADHD predisposes to increased risks for impairment in educational, family, peer, and eventual occupational functioning by young adulthood, among many other major domains of life activities is well established in research. Less appreciated is that the disorder also predisposes to increased health, medical, and dental risks, such as an increased risk for accidental injuries across the lifespan. And ADHD also predisposes to certainly personality traits and lifestyle choices that have a significant impact on these health related factors.

Such risks and impairments are known to influence estimated life expectancy. This lecture describes the various domains of major life activities that have been found to be significantly impaired in children growing up with ADHD by their young adult years. It will show that ADHD adversely affects health outcomes and that such outcomes may have a detrimental impact on estimated life expectancy by young adulthood. The implications of these findings for alterations in ADHD management will also be discussed.

Why should you Attend: Participants will be better able to understand the various and numerous domains of major life activities that childhood ADHD may impair across development. You are likely to be surprised to learn just how widespread the impairments association with untreated ADHD are likely to be, making it among the more impairing outpatient disorders treated in clinics. These psychological, educational, social, and occupational impairments have significant implications for life courses and intervention and are well understood.

But participants will also learn about the more recent findings concerning the various health and medically related domains that are also at risk for impairment when childhood ADHD goes untreated until adulthood. This will permit those attending to better appreciate the potential impact ADHD may have on both healthy years and total years of life expectancy as a consequence of these health related impairments. These new discoveries come from research that is still “in press” and thus allow participants to be as current as possible in understanding mortality risk and life expectancy in patients having ADHD.

Those attending will also learn the implications of these findings for improving management of ADHD across the life span. Evidence will show that ADHD is not only a mental health problem but a public health problem. You don’t want to miss out of these cutting edge findings and their implications for the clinical management of patients with ADHD.

Areas Covered in the Session:

Increase knowledge about impaired major life activities
Improve understanding of impact of childhood ADHD on various health and medical problems
Alert clinicians to the evidence that such adverse health effects adversely impact estimated life expectancy
Review the implications of these findings for revising approaches to clinical management of ADHD

Who Will Benefit:
Clinical Social Workers
Psychiatric Nurses

Speaker Profile
Russell A. Barkley Russell A. Barkley, Ph.D., is a Clinical Professor of Psychiatry at the Virginia Treatment Center for Children and Virginia Commonwealth University Medical Center, Richmond, VA. He is a Diplomate (board certified) in three specialties, Clinical Psychology (ABPP), Clinical Child and Adolescent Psychology, and Clinical Neuropsychology (ABCN, ABPP).

Dr. Barkley is a clinical scientist, educator, and practitioner who has published 23 books, rating scales, and clinical manuals numbering 41 editions. He has also published more than 270 scientific articles and book chapters related to the nature, assessment, and treatment of ADHD and related disorders. He is the founder and Editor of the bimonthly clinical newsletter, The ADHD Report, now in its 25th year of publication. Dr. Barkley has presented more than 800 invited addresses internationally and appeared on nationally televised programs such as 60 Minutes, the Today Show, Good Morning America, CBS Sunday Morning, CNN, and many other programs on behalf of those with ADHD.

He has received awards from the American Psychological Association, American Academy of Pediatrics, American Board of Professional Psychology, Association for the Advancement of Applied and Preventive Psychology, American Professional Society for ADHD and Related Disorders, New England Educational Institute, the Wisconsin Psychological Association, and Children and Adults with ADHD (CHADD) for his career accomplishments, contributions to research in ADHD, to clinical practice, and for the dissemination of science. His websites are and

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