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Health is Wealth...Simplifying Life
Monish Dhawan
If you are Looking forward for a Opportunity to change your Life in the Direction of your choice ... This is it... 
If we lo

Health is Wealth


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About The Event

Peaceful Earth Foundation 


Health is Wealth...Simplifying Life


Monish Dhawan

If you are Looking forward for a Opportunity to change your Life in the Direction of your choice ... This is it... 


If we look at it closely there are only four areas human beings can ever have problem with

  1. Health                                          2. Wealth

      3.  Relationships                                4. Happiness

Health is Wealth is a comprehensive workshop that helps a person look at each one of them separately as well as understand that they are all inter connected with each other at the same time, and as we investigate in to them we realize all of them share a common core.

So if you are having a problem in any one or more of the above areas Health is Wealth is for you,

In this Workshop you get the opportunity to work on any one of the areas you like to focus on or work and understand the whole big picture and bring about a measurable change in each of those areas.

Health is Wealth is recommended for anyone who is above the age of 13.

Structure of the Workshop:

Health is Wealth focuses on 2 Major Areas of one’s life

In my thirteen Years of Experience in Personal Growth and Healing, where i have helped thousands resolve their issues, I have learned that if You are able to just take care of Just 2 things in your life, you can basically turn around your life in to the direction of your choice and those two things are:

  1. Models of Your World (Your Present Models in life, Identify which models are not working for you anymore and transform them in to something that makes your life turn around in the direction of your choice) for Example: one has to Work Hard to Earn Money, you need to exercise to lose weight, I have to be wealthy to be happy, Relationships are hard to maintain etc,.
  2. Systems for Living (are basically your life style, what practices to you incorporate in your life which help you identify your models in life and transform them, the irony is millions around the world are not even aware that their life can actually come in to their control just by making simple shifts in their living systems) for example : Meditation, EFT, The Work, Pranayam, Breathwork, visualisation etc,.


One of the most important reasons people do not incorporate these life changing systems into their life is because they know too little about them and many a times even mis-informed.

Health is Wealth is a Workshop that has been designed keeping in mind the complexities people are going through in this modern age with the time crunch every one faces today.

After completing the workshop you will be able to understand how simple life actually is and how just about 20 – 30 minutes a day when spent in the right way can actually put you on a track to transformation.

During the Workshop:

The Workshop is designed to accommodate the understanding of both, the logical and creative brained people, and helps them to bring a balance in their life where they can actually start exploring the other faculty of their brain as well.

The Workshop consists of Theory that explains and answers the questions of all the predominantly left brained and is filled with a lot of practical exercises and creative visualizations for the predominantly right brained, which help them resolve the problems they are focusing on.

One of the biggest problems in today’s world is lack of understanding or clarity in thought, many people use words which they do not fully understand but live a life based on the false understanding and end up getting confused, resulting in a shutdown to new concepts and understanding about their life, leading to failure in life.

Health is Wealth is a Workshop designed to give clarity to those people so that they can actually understand the way reality works and rid themselves of misconceptions and confusions.

For example: a lot of people use the word – Law of Karma, but have many wrong ideas or misconception of the same, Similarly with the use of Law of Attraction and many more such words and ideas.

Take Away:

Clarity about your own life & life in general.

Confidence to fulfil your dreams.

Systems and Techniques you can use on a daily basis to keep you on track and fulfil your dreams.

About the Facilitator:

Monish Dhawan is a Past Life Regression Therapist, Inner Child Facilitator, Re-Birther, Meditation Teacher and a Author, he has travelled extensively around India and many parts of the world taking his work doing workshops and personal sessions.

He has helped thousands of people resolve their issues and strive in life, he is a very jovial person, loves to meet new people and interact with them, his personal goal in life is to be able to live for 300 plus years in a young and fit body.

His Goal for the World is to Establish a “Peaceful Earth” Literally, for which he is running a organization named Peaceful Earth Foundation and doing a tremendous job.

The Workshop:

Will be very informal and you can ask your questions and doubts as and when required, though when you allow the flow most of the questions are answered in the course of the workshop and if anything is left you are given a specific time at the end of every day to get your answers.

Investment :

Early Bird : Rs:2750/- Only

Regular : Rs:4999/- Only


If you have any doubts you like to get answers to you can reach him at : +91 9989 42 00 23

You can also add him on Facebook at :

or follow him on Twitter at: mpeacefulearth

you can Learn more about his Movement on :

Warning: This Workshop Will Benefit those the Most who are Ready to Shift their Life Drastically... It will help you make your life so simple ... you will be Awestruck.

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