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 “ Health is wealth”
 Health is Wealth Seminar Will Be Life Changing For You
 Do you want a  life full of Diseases  Or Full of good Health? Do you want a  life full of Pain/Suffering&nb

Health Is Wealth 2017


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About The Event

Workshop  on

 “ Health is wealth”

 Health is Wealth Seminar Will Be Life Changing For You

 Do you want a  life full of Diseases  Or Full of good Health? Do you want a  life full of Pain/Suffering   or Full of Pleasure? Do you want a  life full of Depression or Full of Happiness? Do you want to be to age faster than you actual biological age? Or look 20 years younger than your actual age?

 If your answer is that you want a life full of GOOD HEALTH, PLEASURE, HAPPINESS,YOUTH ,BEAUTY then you must attend this workshop on HEALTH IS WEALTH

 Presented by PRIYA CHAVAN , 15TH  AND 16TH April 2017,  Saturday and Sunday ( 10 am to 6 pm)

Do you want to be To spend  a bomb  at any point  of time in life on Medicines, Doctors, Hospitals, And yet not get relief.Do you want to be At any point of time in your life Lead a life full of anxiety /fear/insecurity ? Do you want to Be a burden on your family and most importantly on yourself ? Do you know that 87% of blood pressure cases are seen in people who lead a sedentary lifestyle? Do you know that Depression, obesity, ulcers, gastrointestinal problems  are psycho somatic problems ? India is no 1 in the world in diabetic population.Do you know that Obesity is the precursor  of so many health problems like High blood pressure Diabetes, Depression, Arthritis, Slip Disc, Cancer, Gastritis, Acidity, Infertility,Ulcers?

Do you know that 98% of People  who lead a sedentary and lack of mobility lifestyle  are more  prone to Lifestyle disorders like Diabetes/Blood Pressure/Arthritis, Have low immune system, hence catch infections ,Catch diseases like malaria/flu/viral fever,Suffer from depression /anxiety/ stress/ ulcer/joint pain,Weak eye sight, Hair fall,Acne,Bad complexion,Black circles,Wrinkles,Back ache.,Age faster than their actual biological age

An average  person when admitted  in hospital pays at least  Rs 2 to 5 lakh  as hospitalization cost.On top of that he incurs the expenses on medicines,  Doctors fees. In spite of spending so much still there is no relief. A sick person is a burden on the family and himself.So why  fall ill and then go  for therapeutic treatment? Instead  aim to be  healthy, fit , strong and avoid illness of any kind. Save on all that money which otherwise you would spend on doctors, medicines, hospitals. Plus save on the pain, agony, suffering caused due to medical illness.

Do you know that Exercise of any form be it yoga, cardiovascular workouts like dance, sports like athletics, games, swimming,cricket, basket ball, tennis ,badminton, aerobics,  weight training, kick boxing, martial arts,  cycling, spinning, outdoor /indoor workouts  for every day  for 45 mins  with a healthy diet and a positive attitude towards life helps to Release endorphins or the feel good chemicals,  anti depressant chemicals, which make you happy,Remove depression,Relieves stress,Rejuvenates you,Builds power,Positive energy,Improves brain  function,Increases productivity in work,Improves relationship,Makes you happy ,Maintains your blood sugar in the normal range,Maintains your blood pressure,Reverses  your age,Makes you fit, strong, healthy,Makes you look younger,Reverses your age, makes Your skin glows,Helps You lose weight, stops Hair Fall,Rids of any pain like back ache, knee pain, joint pain ,Reverses Alzheimer's disease in elderly ,Removes anxiety,Removes depression,Strengthens your immune system,Speeds up Recovery ,Increases your life span and quality of life,Builds strength, flexibility.

Are you aware that there is a recommended daily allowance for every vitamin and minerals in your body. Do you know you have to eat at least 3 portions of veggies and 3 portions of fruits every day, sleep soundly for 8 hours every night to be Healthy? Do you know that a healthy mind stays in  a healthy body?

If you are not aware of the above facts and want clarification ,answers to the above doubts , enhance your Knowledge you must compulsorily attend the  2 day workshop on HEALTH AND FITNESS “HEALTH IS WEALTH “ by leading Health and Fitness  Expert Priya Chavan, It will Reveal you the SECRETS of a HEALTHY, HAPPY and SUCCESSFUL LIFE. 

lot of youngsters and teenagers suffer from obesity, had lifestyle diseases like diabetes, hypertension, depression, thyroid, PCOD at  a young age due to a bad lifestyle which was improper eating, sedentary lifestyle and irregular sleeping hours. They looked 20 years older than their actual biological age. They were also low on energy, stamina , fell often ill, caught infections very fast , had low immune system, had bad complexion, dark circles, pimples, had anxiety, stress , insomnia, depression, mood swings, gynaecological problems.

lot of corporate employees suffer from High BP, diabetes, Cardiac , Stress related problems, Sleep disorder, Obesity due to an unhealthy lifestyle. people were aging faster than their actual age,for eg a person in 40’s was already in his 60’s and inviting all health issues of that age. Females suffered the most. They had lot in health issues due to lack of knowledge of nutrition and exercise. They had innumerable gynaecological problems, weakness, anemia, low energy, vitamin deficiencies, depression, obesity. This was seen across all age groups of women ranging from early 20’s to 80’s years right from professionals to home makers, educated to illiterate class.

It is horrifying that in India, people give least importance to health and fitness. Its always their last priority. Even if they start enthusiastically a fitness regimen they don’t stick to it for long, will not do it continuously and take plenty of breaks in between. They would never take breaks in their work or family life then y do they take in fitness?.

There is very little awareness of the importance of health and fitness in our country. In western countries , even 90 year old are fit and happy. 

HEALTH IS WEALTH  workshop is my earnest effort to create and spread gigantic awareness of the importance of healthy lifestyle in society. 

Friends in this workshop on HEALTH IS WEALTH, I will teach you

 1)      Importance of fitness in your life

2)      Importance of a healthy lifestyle

3)      How to Increase your energy levels

4)      How to attract good health in your life

5)      How to be disease free

6)      How to enjoy a happy life

7)      Increase your fitness level and stamina

8)      Loose weight fast and desire an hour glass figure

9)      Reverse your age, Be Young Forever

10)   Get rid of your medicines

11)   Get your sugar , blood pressure in control

12)   Get rid of Diabetes and High/Low BP, Cholesterol problem

13)   Increase your happiness quotient

14)   Get rid of depression

15)   Get Stress and Anxiety relief

16)   Increase your life span

17)   Increase your Quality of life

18)   Improve your productivity a work

19)   Improve relationships in personal and professional life

20)   Learn Yoga and  its benefits- Different types- Asanas, Pranayams, Meditation, Surya namaskar etc

21)   Different forms of Exercise like Cardio , Weight training, Stretching, Functional workouts, sports, Aerobics, Dance, Martial arts

22)   Nutrition- Healthy eating

23)   Importance of sleep, laughter

24)   Importance of mental health

25)   Meditation

26)   Spirituality

27)   Clear your myths and misconceptions regarding health and fitness

28)   Question and Answer forum

Friends. As per our Shastras, if a person wants to be happy he has to balance his life on 4 pillars well,  1st pillar – He should be Financially healthy, 2nd pillar- He should be Physically and Mentally healthy,3rd pillar- He should be Relationship healthy, 4th pillar- He should be happy with himself and be true to himself. If any of the above pillars r shaken or r weak , he will not succeed in life. 2nd Pillar  which is Physically and mentally strength is of utmost importance as other 3 pillars are dependent on them and this is the pillar which 95% people ignore and give least importance. Hence they suffer from deadly diseases, lifestyle problems, stress related diseases, and that affects their remaining 3 pillars badly and the end result is they fail miserably in their work and relationship. Hence its VERY VERY VERY VERY VERY VERY IMPORTANT TO TAKE CARE OF YOUR PHYSICAL AND MENTAL HEALTH.

Also many people have Myths and Misconceptions regarding health,that after 40 fat loss is slow, Age is a barrier for exercising etc etc. I will clear all these Misunderstandings. In this FREE SEMINAR ON HEALTH IS WEALTH on 2nd April, Sunday from 10 am to 2 pm, I will teach you to take care of your body Physically and Mentally (YOUR BODY IS YOUR TEMPLE AND EXERCISE IS YOUR PRAYER), based on my real live experiences and actual implementation on myself and my members.


 She is a Celebrity Health and Fitness Expert, Nuritionist, Successful Fitness Entrepreneur – Founder of “PriyasWellness”, a chain of fitness centres in Mumbai. She has  MASTERED YOGA, Power yoga, Traditional yoga, Hath yoga, Pranayams, Suryamasakar, Partner yoga as well as other forms of fitness like Functional training, weight training, Kick boxing, Martial arts, Zumba. She is an excellent dancer ,a Nritya Visharad in Kathak Classical dance from Gandharva Mahavidyalay. She also specialises in other dance forms like Zumba, Bollywood, western, Folk dances. She has  mastered nutrition and is a certified Nutritionist and Dietician from UK and Apollo Group of Hospitals.

 Academically  she is a Bachelor in Pharmacy from Bombay College of Pharmacy, Mumbai with a Gold Medal in MBA (Marketing) from Mumbai. She worked for several years as a Marketing Manager of all India in Multi National Pharmaceutical companies. Because of her medical, science  and pharmaceutical background she is well  aware of human anatomy and physiology, diseases ,medicines , nutraceuticals. This is an additional boon  to her profile of Health and fitness as she can immediately connect and understand medical problems of her members.

She knows the importance of MIND POWER to achieve success in life. She has mastered even that. She is a Landmark graduate (Landmark is world’s leading training organisation), having done Landmark Forum, Advanced and SELP course, a certified NLP( Neuro Linguistic Programming) trainer, TA (Transactional Analysis) trainer, specialises in Brahmavidya, Vipassana meditation, Law of Attraction, The Power of Subconscious Mind.

She is the only Health and Fitness Expert in India who is an Expert in all areas of Fitness like Yoga, Dance, Zumba, Aerobics, Functional training, Weight training, Kick boxing, kathak dance, Bollywood dance, Nutrition and Diet , Mind Power plus highly educated from Medicine Background B .Pharma with MBA  with a rich experience as a Marketing Manager in MNCs.Its very rare to get such a unique combination of brains, talent and beauty.

She has a rich experience of more than a decade in training and counselling members in health and fitness. Her Baby  “ PRIYASWELLNESS” , is a chain of  fitness centre in which we train in healthy lifestyle through Yoga, Dance, Zumba, Aerobics, Kick Boxing, Functional training, Diet counselling, Meditation, Laughter club, Stress and Anxiety Management, Weight Loss, Meditation, Mind Power, Workshops and Seminars .

She wants to help maximum number of people. That’s why she has expanded and started more fitness centres in Mumbai, her own you tube fitness channel on yoga, wrote a book “Health is Wealth” available on She holds seminars and workshops of my own , in Corporate, SOCIETIES, CLUBS  on the importance on Health /Fitness, Yoga, Dance, Nutrition in short of a HEALTHY LIFESTYLE.

She has  successfully made more than 100 members lose weight upto 6 kgs in a months time. She has counselled and trained more than a lakh people and helped them to get  rid of their lifestyle disorders successfully like diabetes, blood pressure, PCOD, thyroid, depression, Heart problems, Insomnia, gynaecological problems, stress, anxiety. Her  vision is to transform and help more than 5 lakh people across the globe in the coming year. Hence she is expanding her Wellness centres in Mumbai and internationally, also conducting her HEALTH AND WELLNESS seminars, workshops  in Dubai, UK and USA this year.

She is a reputed Internationally acclaimed Motivational Speaker, having successfully conducted more than 200 seminars and workshops on Health, Yoga, Nutrition, Law of Attraction, Millionaire Mindset, Success Mindset, Peak Perfomance.

This WONDERFUL SEMINAR IS FIRST OF ITS KIND IN THE COUNTRY based on real facts, figures and Case studies lead by AN ALLROUNDER MULTIFACTED HEALTH EXPERT. It will give you an excellent opportunity to meet like  minded fitness enthusiasts like you. Plus think of the unimaginable knowledge you will receive from me and you will also get rid of myths and misconceptions. I guarantee you that your life will transform drastically forever  and for GOOD after attending this seminar. 


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