Book Online Tickets for Healing with Conscious Communication Goa, Goa. Healing with Conscious Communication Goa with Dr Rangana Rupavi Choudhuri (PhD)
Friday August 3rd - Sunday August 5th, 2018, 3 Day Retreat
Evoke Lifestyle, Candolim (Goa), Plot no 252/4, off Prazeres Resort, Candolim  Bardez, North Goa 4035

Healing with Conscious Communication Goa 2018 with Dr Rangana Rupavi Choudhuri (PhD)


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About The Event

Healing with Conscious Communication Goa with Dr Rangana Rupavi Choudhuri (PhD)

Friday August 3rd - Sunday August 5th, 2018, 3 Day Retreat

Evoke Lifestyle, Candolim (Goa), Plot no 252/4, off Prazeres Resort, Candolim  Bardez, North Goa 403515.


Attendance of the Journey Intensive with Advanced skills program is a pre-requisite.

A 3 day retreat with powerful, dynamic process work that will open your heart, transforming your ability to communicate consciously, elegantly, effortlessly from your deepest self, facilitating profound healing and transformation on yourself and others. The course is jam-packed with inspiring insights and scores of potent skills.


Dynamic process work that opens your heart

At this 3 day retreat you’ll discover the immense effects our verbal and non-verbal communication have on our physiology, behavior and emotions, and you’ll learn how to consciously influence your own and others’ health and well-being. You’ll directly experience a vast variety of healing therapies and introspective process work and learn how to apply these powerful skills gracefully and transformatively. You’ll leave feeling alive, inspired and ready to facilitate deep transformation with clients, loved ones and family.

Healing with Conscious Communication is a powerfully dynamic seminar which has been co-designed with Brandon by CEO of Journey International and Brandon’s partner Kevin Billett, both of whom share a deep passion for healing and awakening. The elegant and empowering communication skills you learn at the weekend are a natural part of their daily life.

At this fascinating, powerful and transformational 3 days you will:

  • Discover the huge impact our verbal and non-verbal communication has on each other’s wellbeing and learn how to communicate more elegantly and effectively.
  • Experience the profound effect communication has on your own emotions, your behavior and your body’s ability to heal.
  • Learn how to open your heart deeply and get into conscious rapport with your clients using language patterns that free and heal.
  • Experience opening your whole being into the vast array of life’s emotions: from the heights of exuberance to the very depths of stillness.
  • Learn a myriad of valuable transformative tools, including working with phobias, pain management, dealing with conflicting beliefs and unhealthy vows and promises, and liberating yourself from unhealthy behaviours and self-sabotage.
  • Learn to work from absolute truth in an atmosphere of grace with the language of empowerment.
  • Leave with a host of valuable skills you can use in your personal and professional life, and with the knowledge that you have the ability to work consciously, effectively and gracefully with anyone in your life.


Residential program: Includes 2 nights accommodation on a shared basis and all vegetarian meals in a rural location with a back to nature environment. It is a very simple and humble environment with basic bedrooms embraced in nature and organic living. This program is for Journey Grads only, you have to have completed Journey Intensive and Advanced Skills.

This program is for Journey Grads only, you have to have completed Journey Intensive and Advanced Skills.

The Healing with Conscious Communication includes and the investment for all days is Rs 45000:

  • Accommodation: Please note that accommodation and meals are not included in the cost of this retreat. However, in order to provide the deepest and most liberating experience for you, it is mandatory to stay at the venue for the duration of the Retreat.

    Please be assured that we have negotiated an extremely competitive rates for our group, which includes accommodation and all meals.

    • Rs 9500 per person for 2 nights based on twin share including GST (local taxes) and all meals and refreshments. There are only 10 twin share rooms and subject to availability.
    • Rs 13500 single occupancy for 2 nights including GST (local taxes) and all meals and refreshments.

The Early bird is Rs 35000 for all 3 nights and the HEALING WITH CONSCIOUS COMMUNICATION RETREAT and available till July 3rd 2018

Places will go on a first come first served basis as there is limited accommodation.


Healing with Conscious Communication Retreat India Summary



Program: Healing with conscious communication with Dr Rangana Rupavi Choudhuri (PhD)

Dates: Friday 3rd August – Sunday 5th August 2018 

Timings:Arrive 3pm on Friday and seminar starts at 4pm on Friday and departure is after 7:30pm on Sunday

Venue and Address: Evoke Lifestyle, Candolim (Goa), Plot no 252/4, off Prazeres Resort, Candolim  Bardez, North Goa 403515.

The closest landmarks, airports and stations are:

Nearest airport: Dabolim International Airport

Nearest main-line train station: Thivim railway station/Madgaon Railway Station

Nearest landmark: Hotel is opposite Prazeres Resort and 100m from Shanta Durga temple

Nearest bus station: Mapusa Bus Station

Parking arrangements: Available


After attending the Healing with Conscious Communication Retreat:



"HCC made me realize how my conditioning (vows, beliefs) have created my own blocks. I came with a sense of what I would learn but come out of this 2 ½ days with a knowing of my own limitations, weakness. For that I am grateful and humbled. The vow change process really blew me away. My 10 year death vow – my own doing is removed. It replaces a vow of life time service and commitment to Budhha’s teaching. I no longer fear death but live in the moment. Grateful for every breath and every moment I have. I leave Bangalore and HCC module with a grateful heart." Dentist and Business Owner Yean Ling, Malaysia Kuala Lumpar


H.C.C. opened a lot for me in these 2 ½ days. The Vows that had weight down on me just felt unknotted. A whole new light wrapped me up as I healed all my past beliefs making me feel alive. Healing my fears gave me the courage to take a new step fearlessly from now. Gentle yet very deep processes that kept opening into grace effortlessly. Easy yet so profound a healing. Every sharing makes me rise higher to know what I am….Discovering a rebirth to live my life from a space of grace. Cradled into the of axis trust + pure truth." Reena Chandhok, Healer, Business Owner, Mumbai India


"I really enjoyed the 2 ½ day HCC, I felt that the time was too less, it could have been one more day. Rangana is a wonderful coach. When you are up there leading, Rangana, I feel as if ‘Everything – Nothing’ ‘Whole and Complete Universe’ the Infinite is present. I experience ‘ No Ego’ there. I feel as if you are just present from moment to moment…just responding…not trying to find or prove or get results and in that opening a MIRACLE happens. Rangana, you are Love, joy, peace, truth. Spreading. In fact ‘Truth’ is spreading through you and you are just to present.Thank you Rangana for being in my life. Thank you Brandon for bringing THIS into my life. Though I had done the NLP, HCC was like a fresh breath. I felt as if I had never heard it before. I enjoyed every bit of it. Lastly, your energy, your laughter, your humility is life changing. Thank you." Kunti Nagewakar, Business Entrepreneur, Mumbai, India



"I learned to change my limiting beliefs and vows. The session has taught me new ways of thinking and communicating. I am very hopeful that the change beliefs, change vows and 6 step reframe process will really help me lead a new better life.

I have a beautiful vision of a lighter, joyful me with my husband existing in harmonious love. And of our two beautiful children growing up in the light of love and always resting in source. Life everyday will feel like we’re at a resort – with shimmering water flowing, birds singing, trees sawing in the breeze and all of us together and complete. This is a beautiful location." Bhooma Chutani, Professional, Mumbai, India



"HCC has allowed me to really fully explore myself as a person who is calm, peace and Pure love. The last 2 ½ days have been amazing on all levels. The location is just serve and so apt for my own healing. The sessions have all been delivered in a fun and light way and I thank Rangana and all the sportiness of all the participates for that. My journey to HCC has been filled with mixed emotions and I almost felt that I was not even meant to be here.

The beauty in realizing that the fact that I am here means I’m meant to be here has really been the purpose of my healing at HCC. The tools I have learnt has truly brought my soul back to me and allowed me to be present and whole. Bangalore is a beautiful place. The School of Ancient Wisdom is a beautiful place. HCC is a beautiful course. Rangana is a beautiful presenter. Jo is a beautiful support. The participants are all beautiful." Sanjay Singh, Professional, Singapore

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