Book Online Tickets for Heal on Wheel - 30 Miles to Change Lives, Pune. There is nothing more beautiful than someone who goes out of their way to make life beautiful for others.
Come donate for a cause, and encourage the cyclists who will be cycling for these noble causes...
Sparsh - A Healing Touch, a registered NGO, is

Heal on Wheel - 30 Miles to Change Lives


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About The Event

There is nothing more beautiful than someone who goes out of their way to make life beautiful for others.

Come donate for a cause, and encourage the cyclists who will be cycling for these noble causes...

Sparsh - A Healing Touch, a registered NGO, is organizing a fund raising event to support the below social causes, wherein 100 plus cyclists will be conquering a difficult route and showing their support for these causes and generating funds for them. Please encourage them by donating generously towards any of the below causes which they are supporting through their pedals

  1. Fuel a Dream - Scholarship for high school students
  2. Community water filtration plant
  3. Pratibha Poshak - Scholarship for higher education in partnership with FoC – Friends of Children
  4. Improving lives of Divyang(Disabled), medically needy. 

The tickets will be treated as a donation and will be eligible for 80G exemption. 

Cycling route details:

Distance: 50 KMs

Quick summary of each social cause:

1. Fuel a Dream - Scholarship for high school students: 

We ardently believe that the poor quality of primary education shouldn’t dictate where you end up in life and hence we provide sponsorship after 8th class to exceptionally talented and hardworking students for their high school education (presently 9th& 10th). These bright students belong to financially challenged families but this struggle has never stopped their zeal and zest to study and excel. So our long-term vision is that money / finance should never be a hindrance in their education. We send students to some of the good high schools in Pune. We have had couple of successful batches of 10-12 bright students benefitting from these scholarships. We have seen a great transformation in them as they have gone to these new schools. The smiles and joy on their faces and those of their families is unparalleled to any happiness in the world


FUEL A DREAM is one of our such project to help sponsorship for students studying in high school. These are academically most crucial years in a student's life so along with sponsorship we also provide mentoring to these students.


We want to do this for more of our bright students and ensure a great future for them. Join us in this journey


Not only have they scored exceptionally well in academics but also have developed excellent oratory skills. When asked how they managed so well,

Diksha was all in good words and praises as she told us, “Infosys has given us a golden opportunity and I feel it is my responsibility to get good marks in 10th. Infosys has given me the scholarship and through it I have got a chance to prove myself. I am a girl and I am not weak. I can also make my future.


2. Community water filtration plant: 

We strongly believe in preventive healthcare. Under this category one such initiative is "Community water filtration plants " in various villages. These villages lack basic clean drinking water supply leading to stomach and kidney related ailments like kidney stone. Most villagers cannot afford individual filtration systems at their home. Due to lack of clean drinking water during monsoons several water borne diseases are widespread leading to absenteeism from school. As part of this project our teams do a thorough study of the villages before short listing the most needy villages. The plants are setup such that the facilities are shared by multiple villages. We ensure active participation from each village in installation of the filtration plants through partial sharing of costs (atleast 10 %) plus provisioning of appropriate space and piping for the plant. The villagers also take care of the security and maintenance of the plant. Once built an ATM is setup to charge very bare minimum cost of 1 Re /litre to 5 Rs/20 litres. This cost takes care of the maintenance of the filtration plant.

We want to take this work to more needy villages. Please come forward and help us monetarily. Your small donation will go a long way in helping villagers get access to clean drinking water

Till date 4 villages are adopted for drinking water through building of purification plants and Deep CCT projects across Satara and Pune district worth 18 lakhs+. Two more villages are in pipeline this year.

3. Pratibha Poshak - Scholarship for higher education in partnership with FoC – Friends of Children:

We have been supporting ‘Friends of Children’ a registered NGO, for the last 12 years in their mission to empower children through higher education. Students from economically disadvantaged families and rural backgrounds are provided financial help to complete their graduation and also find suitable employment. Every year around 2 lakhs plus is disbursed covering higher education of 30-40 students. 

Friends of Children (FoC) is a non-profit trust, working in Maharashtra providing financial assistance to needy college going youth to complete their higher education. It was founded in 2003 with an underlying objective to reach out to deserving youth using education as a medium, helping them grow as strong individuals with an opportunity for a sustainable livelihood. From 26 students in 2003 they are supporting currently 250 students each year, across the greater Maharashtra region. In addition to monetary benefit they also provide support in terms of provision of textbooks, trainer camps & skill sessions, mentor & guide networks and so on. They also run three libraries in Pune and Manchar and Sangli. They work in the regions of Pune, Narayangaon, Ale Phata, Junnar, Manchar, Rajgurunagar, Saswad, Someshwarnagar, Ghodegaon and Sangli. Most of the villages surrounding these areas are covered by the sponsorship program.  Each year before admission process begins there are home visits arranged to evaluate the genuineness of each student (including verifying their marksheets) to checking their family income and resources ensuring money goes to needy students. 

Help us support these bright students complete their graduations

4. Improving lives of Divyang(Disabled), medically needy:

We strongly believe in helping patients especially from economically weak background. Medical ailments and their treatment expenses are sometimes the most difficult for them to bear due to the urgency, critical nature, lack of insurance and most of them coming unplanned. With the growing cost of treatments and surgeries, treatments have become difficult for such families. Most such patients are laborers or daily wage earners with no fixed source of income and no insurance. Some below poverty line are eligible for partial government aid. We help them monetarily. Along with monetary help we help the patients by ensuring they are aware of these schemes and also guide them to avail these aids. We also ensure hospitals give them appropriate discounts in treatment and help them to avail aids from local corporations and government schemes like CM, PM scheme as well as NGOs like Shirdi Prathistan who work in this area. We value our Patron/donors money and to ensure we help only the needy patients there is a thorough evaluation of patients through home visits, doctor checks, and document evaluations (income letter/proofs, doctor letters, treatment history and so on). During the year we get several such cases for help and after a diligent evaluation by the core team, discussion with the medical social workers and doctors at the hospital some people are provided support for their treatment.

In addition to the need basis monetary help for treatments this year we also wish to work on our new initiative which is around donating wheelchairs to differently abled students from Apang Vidayala and providing required help to blind students through Snehankit.

Some highlights of work done in this area by our teams:

  • Treatment for patients from economically poor background to the tune of 4 lakhs per year for last 14 years
  • 5000+ blood units donated per year in Pune city. We work with most of the good blood banks in Pune.
  • Blood packaging machinery donated to blood bank in Pune
  • Manavya – Mobile Clinic sponsored for 50 + HIV affected kids, 1 lakh donation per year, one time donation of 10k Euros for medication and hostel facilities of HIV affected kids
  • Funds donated to differently abled students from Nirmalya Trust and also 2 wheelers donated for modification (and subsequent use by differently abled)
  • Health check-up camp for the women of housekeeping and security staff.  
  • Registration drive and awareness for Stem cell donation in association with Datri. About 200+ registrations
  • Thalassemia society, Pune led sessions and preventive testing conducted
  • Funds raised for Cochlea, an NGO working for the hearing and speech impaired. With this donation hearing aid implant was done for young children

We need your support to keep doing good work in this area and supporting the needy patients and Divyangs

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