Harmony  Happiness through Arts

Harmony Happiness through Arts


About The Event

Accept our greetings of Peace.

We take pleasure to inform you about a very special programme being organized for the benefit of Artists / Actors / Skill related people of various fields. Inspite of the enthusiasm and progress in their profession, it is observed that there are some missing links in their lives to lead a holistic life. Be it a beginner or a senior, there are always the challenges of Stress, Relational disturbances, negative thinking, being emotional, frustration, work life balance, ego, anger, depression, addictions etc.

 In this context, we have specially established Arts & Culture wing to serve the artists. For over 20 years we have served thousands of artists in the whole country. In order to expand these services at Hyderabad, we are starting special activities in this direction. A special programme in this direction at Hyderabad is organized with details as follows  :


Who can participate in the seminar: People related to the following areas are most welcome :


-          Film, TV field (Actors, Directors, Producers, Writers, Technicians, support staff etc.)

-          Music, Singing and Dance (Professionals, Instructors, Practitioners etc.)

-          Fine arts (Painting, drawing, Sculpture, Crafts making, rangoli etc.)

-          Stage arts (Magic, Mono acting etc.)

-          Photography, Videography, Recording Studio, Animation, Graphic designing

-          Vishwakarma category – Wood carving experts, Carpenters, Sculptors, designer fabricators etc.

-          Creative arts - Writers, Poets, Music composers, interior designers, landscapists, Fashion designers, Textile designers, Jewelry designers, Beauty parlor experts, dye making, florists, flower decorators, event decorators, False ceiling designers, Embroidery, Tailoring, Electrical decorator, cooking etc.

-          Institutions and individuals promoting arts & culture

-          Directors, Producers, entrepreneurs,  professors, students etc. who are directly or indirectly involved in the above mentioned fields

-          And others interested in the subject

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