Happiness Engineering  (Stress Free Mind; Disease-Free Body)

Happiness Engineering (Stress Free Mind; Disease-Free Body)


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About The Event

Train your subconscious Mind and discover Blueprints of your Health.

No Virus or Bacteria, the study shows, 87% of mental and physical illnesses come from our thought life.

The good news is that such diseases are curable and preventable once you stop doing the things that cause them. You can take charge of your health by controlling your mind.

Discover how your health is directly related to the internal world you create for yourself. Find out how your emotional state affects your immune system, and how to deal with it.

HAPPINESS ENGINEERING workshop ensures you:

  • Transforming- Stress into your Strength
  • Rebooting – Natural Immune System
  • Hacking- Illness @ Root Level
  • Rejuvenating- Relationships
  • Re-Imprinting – Healthy Inner World


Choose to be a Happiness Engineer and SAY NO TO: Stress, Anxiety, Anger, Depression, Procrastination, Insomnia, Allergies, Autoimmune Diseases, Fear, Phobia, Limiting Beliefs, Past Trauma, Diabetes, High Blood Pressure, Obesity, Asthma, Sinusitis, Migraine and more.

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A must attend workshop for: Any individual, who is willing to regain health, happiness, longevity, harmony in relation, achieve one’s goals, increase productivity and lead a quality life by becoming a Happiness Engineer.


Date:  25th Feb 2018 (Sun) 10.30AM to 1.30PM         

Venue: Kasturba Hall, Gandhi Bhavan, #11, Kumara Park East, Next to Shivananda Circle, Bengaluru 56001

Google Map: https://goo.gl/maps/7ZnduupG8Gy

LIMITED SEATS.  Participation through registration only.


About The Coach:

Bhujabali Bogar is the founder, Happiness Engineer at Transformo Incorp, Bangalore. He has done MBA in Human Resource Management. He has served in Human Resources Industry for a decade.

 In clarifying difficult issues, Bhujabali helps the participants to explore new ways of behaviour and thought and use different tools and skills for support. He provides a safe and calm atmosphere to the participants so that he can easily explore the issues which have brought them to this stage in their lives.

About the Workshop Style:

The training workshop is highly interactive and provides in-depth knowledge on the power of the mind and hands-on techniques on how to stop living in limitations and simply to start living in a new way of thinking. NLP is a way of thinking providing an ocean of solutions.

The workshop uses interactive learning activities such as role-plays, case study analysis, coaching, brainstorming, and structured group discussions.

You will enjoy the passionate delivery and the high expertise of Bhujabali in the realms NLP.



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