HappierBeings ReEngineering Mind For Success For Happy Life :)

HappierBeings ReEngineering Mind For Success For Happy Life :)


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About The Event

#HappierBeings have got an opportunity to conduct 12 workshops touching a shade over 1000 people. Further, digitally our foot print is now reaching close to 100,000 people. This by all means is a humble start for happiness. In order to accentuate scientific temprament of happiness at large #HappierBeings is initiating a campaign of forest bath for you coupled with science of happiness called as "forest meditation" by using gr8 forest like gardens of our cities. One study has shown that people who had green view through their window in their office performed better than those people who worked in closed offices, nature enhances our performance levels. But the problem of modern day  living in mega cities is that our life has gone nature defecit. 

Our modern day urban life is mostly "Mechanical + 80% Indoors and only 20% Outdoors" -  in cities outdoors are polluted- we call this as "URBANATIC LIfe".

To negate this urbanatic life we bring-in this winter season a foundation course to "...journey of understanding" to forest meditation. This introduces you to concepts of Re-Engineering mind; which re-engineer your self, imbibe clouds of positivity, prominence of nature in life which enhance your mind fullness, mind power, concentration, focus, self belief, communication, connect with your inner abilities, identifies limiting beliefs that stops you and prepares your foundation for imbibing science of happiness in life using powers of nautre to make you go, where you want to go; to do, what you want to do and achieve a sustained circles of success and joy :) in life.


1- Acclimatise:- Evaporate stress, worries and clear the concerns that often accompany with urban turbo-fast life style. Unwind the urbanatic mind with forest meditation and naturebath i.e. understanding of mother nature, feeling it’s offerings, beauty and abundance followed by taking-in the goodness of nature by connecting closely with it.

2- Mode of Workshop:- Have meditative sittings in deep parts of great forest like gardens to open senses to the surrounding sights, sounds, and smell of winters in forest like trees  wherein participants indulge though writing therapy for discovering their selves and internalizing set of empowering values of science of happiness :) .Discover your success and happiness blueprint!!.



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