Handwriting Analysis  Graphotherapy Certification Course

Handwriting Analysis Graphotherapy Certification Course


About The Event

Intensive Handwriting Analysis & Graphotherapy Course

Module I & II

Starting On 18th January, 2015

Learn to find more than 100 different types of personality traits

Discover your sub conscious thought process through your handwriting,

The course will also offer insight into your subconscious thought process through your handwriting.

Graphology can be applied in various fields:

inquiry into yourself who you are?

know your relationships (spouse ,friends, colleagues, relatives, etc),

child development,

employee selection / recruitments,


career selection for child.

If you want to see how your personality spills over onto paper, or want to learn different personality traits revealed through penmanship,

then don’t miss out on the special Handwriting Analysis and Graphotherapy course spread over 3 Sundays (Module I & II Combine)


The Dates:

18th January, 2015        Sunday             from 9.00 am to 6.00 pm

25th January, 2015        Sunday             from 9.00 am to 6.00 pm

01st February, 2015       Sunday             from 9.00 am to 6.00 pm


Dr. Parag M. Khatri

Dr. Parag M. Khatri is Masters in Dental Surgery in Periodontology branch, which deals with Gums surgery and Implantology. He is practicing since 1995. He has his private practice at Dental Square, Andheri.

He is Honorary Consultant to Larsen & Toubro health centre

He is visiting Associate Professor at dental College for Periodontology subject.

He has a unique and very creative hobby of seeing people’s handwriting and revealing their personality. He has been studying and experimenting in the subject of graphology since his student days. He than did certificate course from Handwriting University, USA. (President, Bart Baggett)

He is very passionate for the subject of handwriting analysis and has started an organization to cultivate and nurture this science, to bring changes and breakthrough in people’s life. They have got such good encouragement and support from the friends, colleagues, family and all the people they touched.

They are teaching and consulting on professional level this science to people so it can alter the life of people thus bringing transformation of life through graphology and this is there MOTTO.

They have been invited to so many private & public organizations like Lions Club, Senior Citizen Club, Women’s Association, colleges SNDT, Dental College, OTIS, Permacel & many more to share the knowledge and experience of handwriting Analysis for everyone.


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World School of Grapho Education and Therapy

Dr. Parag M. Khatri

Tel.: 9821150555 / 022-2683 5555

E-mail: drparagk@yahoo.com


For more information visit our website

Log on to www.handwritingworld.com


Our Mission: Transformation Through Graphology

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