Dance  Dialogue

Dance Dialogue


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Dance & Dialogue
A Unique Kuchipudi Dance Performance
By Haleem Khan
on Saturday 20 June 2014
7 pm – 8 pm
Venue: Lamakaan
Banjara Hills
This program is designed to propagate and educate the audience on Indian Classical dances. It is observed that most of the younger  generation do not completely understand Classical dance, and seem to have a notion that is  boring and hence cannot appreciate this fine art.
We will position our performance, so the audience will grasp what we are doing and how we do it! We will endeavor to clear the communication gap – that exists between a Classical dancer and the audience.
It would not be just a dance program, but an evening of comprehending the grammar of the dancer and  dance.  Trust this first ever idea would be great experience, and  the audience better appreciates the values of Indian heritage and culture.
Haleem Khan will be joined by Madhu Swaminadh on the stage, to entertain and interact.
About the Artist
Haleem Khan is a renowned Kuchipudi dancer with more than 10 years of experience. He has travelled extensively with his innovative choreographies and has given more than 500 performances in India and abroad.   His passion for dance has won him  laurels. Many of Haleem’s performances and choreographing have also been experimental – Yaad-e-mazee  (a dance performance around the poetry of Tane Shah and Quli Qutub Shah), Rhyme & Rhythm (Kuchipudi dance based on English poetry), Melange of Dances (a fusion of Kuchipudi and Ballet), Mah Laqa ko Aadab (enacting the dance performances of  the legendary dancer and poetess Maha Laqa) – to mention a few.       
Haleem is also one of the few male Kuchipudi dancers who has perfected female impersonation in dance. He has also recently made a successful debut in Telugu films. He lives in Hyerabad.
Contact details
Haleem Khan
Mobile: 98662 74965  

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