H7 performing Live@Inorbit

H7 performing Live@Inorbit


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September 26, 2012, Bangalore: Inorbit Mall Whitefield is always buzzing with activities and events. What differentiates Inorbit are their community events meant for visitors. Visitors get an opportunity to learn, relax and be entertained. One of the events lined up is the Live@Inorbit series.


Live@Inorbit is a unique initiative that provides a platform to local budding artistes such as musicians, dancers, theatre groups, stand-up comedians, mimicry artists, etc to perform to a live audience and showcase their talent.


This week, performing at Inorbit: H7


About H7

H7 is an amalgamation of musicians who blend diverse elements of all genres of rock - classic, progressive, instrumental, psychedelic - pop, popular club music, Indian classical music and various other genres of music into a unique acoustic sound that boils down to the individuality and creativity of each musician involved. Their sound is recognizable with catchy, melodic, heart driven acoustic music, soaring vocals and instrumental solos thrown into the mix.


H7 started off as musicians coming together for impromptu jams in public places for fun, frolic and the passion to make good music. The spontaneity and carefree attitude of the band is reflected in their music.


Part of the success of the band can be attributed to the mutual respect and understanding of each other’s musicality. Not to mention the common goal of musical nirvana. With each band member taking an active role in the musical process, the diverse styles, tastes and influences of each musician is imprinted into their music  resulting in a unique sound which can be definitively be called “H7”. This unique sound is also seen when they play cover versions of various songs of artists like Porcupine Tree, Guns N’ Roses, Metallica, The Beatles to name a few.


So come! Kick your shoes off, let your hair loose and groove to the beat of H7!


Date: September 28, 2012


Time: 6pm - 8pm, at the lower ground level atrium


H7 Band members

Akshay Kumar Mashalkar (Guitars)

Anirudh “TANTAN” Ananth (Guitars, Vocals, Percussion)

Chirag Ravindra (Guitars, Vocals, Percussion)

Jogi Nayak (Guitars)

Sagar Hebbale (Guitars, Vocals)

Rachitha Ravindra (Vocals)

Rishab Raja (Percussion, Management)


To participate in future Live@Inorbit evenings, please contact: Inorbit Mall on 080 67280000. Participation and entry are free.


About Inorbit Malls:


Inorbit Malls, a group company of the K. Raheja Corp was initiated with an objective to not just create physical structures but also to influence lifestyles. Inorbit Malls, committed to setting benchmarks in retailing in India, provides an excellent walk through experience for customers. Inorbit Malls combine the knowledge of the Indian Consumer and a changing Indian market scenario in locating, designing, planning and managing retail environments.

Inorbit Malls began their journey by opening its first mall at Malad to the public in early 2004, in Mumbai. Since then Inorbit has repeated its success with world class malls in Vashi, Cyberabad & Pune. The malls have universal class and appeal and seek to provide a one-stop destination for fashion, lifestyle, food, and entertainment leading to an international experience. Inorbit is all set to further the unique experience nationwide by expanding its footprint to Whitefield in August 2012 & Vadodara IN 2013. 


Media contact: Percept Profile


Nehal Pandya                    M: 89712 20587 E: Nehal@perceptprofile.com

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