Guinness World Record Attempt Event

Guinness World Record Attempt Event


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About The Event

14 Yantras is now all set to go for a Guinness Record. Celebrating the innovative spirit of the amazingly fuel efficient and extremely successful execution of MoM, 14 Yantras coined this inpsiring event and invited all its team members to contribute to the design and execution of the event. ‘The first challenge is to design a launcher which is fail proof. The launcher should be handy and risk free to operate. This goal was achieved by the 14 Yantras team with the inputs of a few technology experts from Bangalore, Chennai and Hyderabad.

We got the event registered with Guinness World Records Authority, the moment we thought of designing an event that will kindle the spirit of innovation among the students and fellow innovators. The record is about launching 6000 water rockets simultaneously into the air with colored water splashing all across the event space signifying the colors of Indian flag. The event will be organised in the month of February or March. More details will be published soon on the website.

Terms & Conditions


Why would I need a Guinness World Record?

Guinness World Record Certificate is of extremely high value and can be very useful to make you stand out when you apply for a job. It will spike your resume to an extent that the interviewers view you as someone who did something unique in the world.

Is the trend of Guinness World Records new to the students world?

Not really.! Across the world there are several Non Profit Organisations which raised funds for various causes through Guinness World Record Events. Across the world, we could observe several events in which students have participated for the purpose of becoming eligible for the prestigious Guinness World Record Certificate.

Would I get a certificate from the Guinness World Records Authority?

By participating in the event, you will become the permanent record holder on the Guinness World Records website. You can always purchase the printed copy of your record certificate from Guinness Record Authority through the authroised account login. The participation certificate will be issued by 14 Yantras. 14 Yantras has been authorised by Guinness World Records Authority to issue certificates of participation with Guinness Logo.

What will happen to the record we achieve through this event if some other organisation  breaks the record with another event?

Guinness World Records will remain in the database of the Guinness World Record Authority for eternity. The certificate of the record will always be available to you through their website or through 14 Yantras. Even if some other organisation breaks the record we establish, it will not kill the validity of our current record.

Should I pay something to participate in the event?

Yes. You will have to pay Rs 3000/- towards your participation in the event. You can pay us by using your debit or credit card. We will send you your participation ticket via email, a T-Shirt with the Logo of 14 Yantras juxtaposed with the Image of the Guinness World Records, A Water Rocket Launcher along with a Bottle Rocket (design copyrights with 14 Yantras) and a permanent membership with 14 Yantras website through which you can access alot of career related opportunities.

What is the schedule and venue of the event?

The venue will be at Gachibowli, Hyderabad. The event date is decided as 12th April, 2015. All details in the venue and schedule of the event will be notified to you via email and sms messages.

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