GW Box Cricket League 2

GW Box Cricket League 2


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About The Event

Total players per side: 6 (plus 2 substitutes optional)

Total overs per side: 6 overs
Batting: Min 2.0 over per pair. Batting side bats in fixed pairs, if any one batsman of the pair is out (after minimum 2 over quota) both the players are declared out.
Do not stop batting even if you are out! keep playing for full 2 overs quota for a pair.
Bowling - Only one bowler can bowl max 3 overs.
Caught full toss off the side fence or top net is out.
wide or no ball similar as field cricket.
Scoring System
Zone A - Rear fence - 1 run
Zone B - Side fence upto white marking. - 1 run
Zone C - from White marking on side fence upto corner of front fence - 2 runs
zone D - Front fence - 4 runs (if hit through the ground) and 6 runs if hit on the full.
If you hit side fence and subsequently hit front fence, runs shall be given as per zone D.
Runs scored by running between the wickets is added to the runs scored by hitting the fence as per zones.
1 run on every wide and no ball.
Each time a batsman gets out in any fashion, the team losses 5 runs form total.
batsmen must score atleast 1 run per over or else 5 runs is deducted from the total.
To be played with soft tennis ball, spiked shoes not allowed.
In case of a tie, one over match will be played.
Draws will be circulated one day before the tournament.
Teams to report atleast 30 min before their match timing.
Winners: Cash Rs 7,000/- plus Gift vouchers 500/-
Runners up: Cash Rs 3500/- Plus Gift vouchers 500/-
Best Player: Gift Vouchers 500/-
P.S. Format and prize amount may vary based on team registration.

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