Guru Purnima Day Special - 18 Siddhas Maha Homam

Guru Purnima Day Special - 18 Siddhas Maha Homam


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About The Event

Gurupurnima day special – 18 siddhas Maha homam
Scheduled on 19th July of 2016 from 6.00PM – 11.00PM IST

Vedicfolks takes pleasure in performing 18 siddhas mahayagya on account of Guru purnima day. This full moon day is the most auspicious day sacred to Maharishi veda vyasa. Worshipping the gurus on this day will bring you success in your career and personal life.

Who are Siddhas? 

Siddhas are people who have attained siddhis. They have a unique psychic power and an extraordinary, mysterious force to work miracles. 

Significance of Eighteen Siddhas Maha Homam 

Pay Homage to these siddhas by performing this Mahayagya which will give you the blessings of 18 siddhas. These sages possess the mystic qualities which showers their devotees with faith, health, love, and happiness. 

The 18 Siddhas are Agasthiyar, Nandidevar, Thirumolar, Bogar, Sri konkanavar, Sri Machamuni, Goraknath, Sattaimuni, Sundaranandar, Ramadevar, Kudumbai, Karuvoorar, Idaikadar, Kamalamuni, Valmiki, Pathanjali, Dhanvantari, Pambatti

Benefits of performing this Homam
Worshipping the siddhas on Gurupurnima day is of deep significance to the farmers, for it brings in rain, and ushers fresh life in the fields.
This homa mitigates sorrow and increases joy in your life.
It instills knowledge and wisdom.
It increases wealth.
Grants eternal knowledge and prosperity.
Heals the devotees of all the health ailments.


Mahavatar Babaji Poster: Aspirants will receive a poster of Mahayogi Babaji who is regarded as one of the forms of Lord Shiva. This poster captures the original appearance of Babaji who is described as being golden complexioned with flowing brown hair, bare bodied, wearing only a white loin cloth. Offer pujas to Babaji everyday to have everlasting prosperity in your life.

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