Guru Purnima 2017

Guru Purnima 2017


About The Event

Guru Purnima Special

Mahaavatar Babaji Homam + 18 Siddhars Homam

Brings Multiple Boons To Your Life

Scheduled Live On 9th July 2017 @ 6 PM IST

Vedicfolks is revering the great saints of India whose contributions to humanity in the fields of medicine, philosophy, literature etc are of great value. The event will take place on 9th July, 2017 and falls on the day of Guru Purnima. It is national festival dedicated to each one’s Guru or teacher.


Mahaavatar Babaji Homam Can Bring Miracles

Mahavatar Babaji—He was named such by his admired disciple Lahiri Mahasaya. This holy Guru was seen traversing the northern Himalayas, near Badrinarayan, and some say, in the avatar of Lord Shiva. Babaji’s guru was Bogar, a South Indian mystic said to have miraculous powers and spread the knowledge of Siddha in China.

Mahavatar is also called the deathless Babaji as according to some, he was about 500 years old during the late 1800s and is believed to be still alive.


Sidhars Had Ashta siddhis or Unique Powers

  • Mahima is a power to grow into gigantic proportions
  • Laghima makes the Siddhar as light as vapour so that he can levitate.
  • Prapti is the power of transmigration (to enter and exit other bodies)
  • Garima is the power to become very heavy and mighty.
  • Prakamya makes the sage omni pervasive i.e. to be in all matters he desires.
  • Anima makes him as tiny as an atom within the atom.
  • Vasitvam is a quality of being everywhere-omnipresent.
  • Isatvam is a quality to be totally powerful, in control of all things.


The 18 Siddhars Made Great Contributions to Siddha Medicine

Agasthiyar - He is responsible for discovering medicines like kaya kalpa, Tamil grammar and yoga.

Thirumoolar - He contributed the masterpiece ‘Thirumanthiram’ which deals with body and soul and is an almanac for Tantric Yoga.

Bhogar - Bhogar is a great alchemist. He contributed to yoga, natural sciences and philosophy.

Nandi Devar - He was directly installed by Lord Shiva and some of his contributions include medicine, kaya kalpa and alchemy.

Sattaimuni - He contributed around 46 works that includes medicine and alchemy.

Machamuni - He has contributed immensely towards Hatha yoga and Tantric yoga practices.

Therayar - His guru was Dharmasowmiyar and his work on classification of diseases is significant. He mastered many fields like astrology, alchemy, medicine, mysticism and language.

Konganar - He is the son of Bogar and is accredited of having written more than 40 books based on alchemy and elixir.

Korakkar - Disciple of Machamuni, Korakkar was well versed in Siddha medicine, philosophies, yoga and alchemy.

Ramadevar - He contributed towards the development of Kayakalpa, an ancient rejuvenation medicament that reverses the process of aging.

Sundaranar - Disciple of Sattaimuni, Sundaranar surprised his peers by preparing a rejuvenating medicine called Chunnam. It has the power to eradicate diseases.

Kudambai - Kudambai retired from materialistic world at an early age of 16 years and wrote poems on God and self.

Idaikkadar - He attained Kunadalini awakening and experience union with oneness. 

Karuvurar - He made great contributions towards alchemy, sorcery, rejuvenation medicine etc.

Agappai - He contributed towards alchemy, Siddha medicine and philosophy.

Pambatti - He attained eight supernatural powers called Ashtama siddhi after undertaking penance for a very long time.

Valmiki - He was inducted by the great sage Narada. He is widely acclaimed for his epic work Ramayana.

Pathanjali - He is known for his work of yoga sutra and referred to as the father of yoga.


Benefits of Maha Siddhar Homam on Guru Purnima

  • Get good health and positive vibrations
  • Discharges abundant spiritual energy
  • Removes diseases and curses from lives
  • Removes sins and obstacles instantly
  • Expect miracles to happen in life
  • It instils knowledge and Wisdom
  • Removes sorrow and increases happiness
  • A boon to farmers as it brings rains


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