Group Art Exhibition At The Art Floor - Private Studio

Group Art Exhibition At The Art Floor - Private Studio


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Group Art Exhibition of Eclectic Paintings, Photographs, Prints & Sculptures.

Ankush Safaya - Kashmir, Sarang Singla - Gurgaon, Davender Kumar - Bhiwani, Prashant Sarkar - New Delhi, Reva Pandit - Baroda, Vinita Das Gupta - New Delhi, Shalu Bhucchar - New Delhi, Neeraj Mittra - Karnal, Lakshman Prasad - Banaras, Mohinee Mahanta Sumpathy - Kolkata, Sudhakar Sethi - Delhi, Subrata Saha - Kolkata, Sanjeet Mahalik - Orissa and Surekha Sadana - Rajashthan.

The Art floor is a community based art organization that aims at providing a powerful platform to emerging & established artists alike. We curate live shows that instinctively promote interaction between communities, art and artists. The ultimate goal of the Art Floor is to be able to curate concept shows which provide an opportunity to emerging artist to get their due recognition & prosper within the communities they live.

Concept: Monsoon Sutra @ the art floor is a unique art show opening right in the midst of Monsoon 2011. Rain and passion have been associated since time immemorial. Be it movies or real life even a drizzle or slight thought of rain always bring out our deep emotions of love to the outer world. As it makes its first splash, the muddy fragrance languishing in the air simply relaxes every soul. What happens next, whatever follows - is magical. Passion erupts & freely flows as drizzle turns to a splash.

Several artist's from all walks of life and various parts of the country showcase their splendid works that depict their passionate relationship with Monsoon. The Art floor has creatively tied them down together with a common sutra - their thoughts of love & life. A vivid collection of colourful works ranging from splendid art works by well established Artists like Ms Vinita Das Gupta brings the show alive. Prashant Sarkar's artwork Ecstacy is simply a delight for every visitor. Sarang Singla's work shows the monsoon charmed Peacock in its full blossom.

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