Green Data Center-10-06-2010

Green Data Center-10-06-2010


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Green Data Center 2010 goes beyond the realms of understanding the current Data Center scenario. This MUST ATTEND Conference series will unravel myriad challenges, allow participants to gain a ring side view of global trends and best practices, discuss case studies, and also showcase contemporary technologies and processes presented by global leaders. Green DataCenter 2010 will attempt to bring together various communities involved in the research, development, and use of data center related technologies and processes. It will play a catalystic role of getting global technology leaders and users from across a wide spectrum of Indian industries together on the same platform...making up for effective business matching and knowledge pooling. This Conference assumes considerable significance given the critical need of the hour. While there is a maze of information about what Carbon Footprints are all about, the world is staring at the grave consequences of greeenhouse gases. The ICT industry is no saint - it reportedly contributes 4% of the annual greenhouse gas emission with the Data Center making up for 25% of this pie

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