Galgotias Annual Techno - Cultural Unifest

G Quasar, Galgotias Unifest


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About The Event

We breathe to stand out from the crowd, we subsist to be significant, we work hard to illuminate the gloom of our failures, and we raise
our voices, so that no one can ever overlook us. And here we are, with the most awaited kaleidoscopic carnival of the year, the colossal,
the magnificent, GQuasar 2015 !
GQuasar, true to its name, is back to outshine its corrivals. We assure you that here, you will have the

most gallant and herculean time of your lives. But before that let me cater to the query that must have bewildered your senses- Why neon? 
Just like us, Neon has the ability of being remarkably distinguishable from the rest of the colors, victor over the shadows and emanate & glaze like nothing else. Neon is like life. Neon is like the star Sirius, outshining all other stars in the dark sky. Neon is like shimmering,glossy water that never loses its charm.
With a hint of tangerine which paints the otherwise blank canvas of the sky at the dawn,

G Quasar's grandiose corona this year is ready to give complex to the Aurora Polaris, as we gear up to set new benchmarks.
We, at GEI, 
have pledged to elevate culture, art, imagination, glamour and excitement to majestic levels, with our holistic efforts.
So, this year we bring to you an exuberant theme that fathoms to the core of youthfulness & whose reverberation will encrust your life with colors-"NEON".


Neon is fun. Neon is bold. Neon is future. Neon is you. Others may consider neon having an illusion, but for us, it is about facing realism, embracing true hues of life. Neon like the Youth, is inert until it is enkindled to incinerating energy. Neon is bold like the choices we make. Neon's vibrancy represents our enthalpy. Pageants would be such a dull affair without neon lights adding an aura to them. The tantalizing dance, titillating music, expressive drama, cosmic literature, enigmatic technical, spectacle fashion, invigorating photography and opulent management events with the interplay of electrifying celebrity performances are ready to impart true shades of joyfulness and leave you bedazzled. And now starts the endless countenance of the dark sky with the stupefying neon, as we open the gates to the vibrant, the gigantic and the heavenly halo of GQuasar, 2015! 

Raftaar : (will perform on 29th March):

Raftaar (born Dilin Nair) is an Indian rapperlyricistsinger and music producer. He came into limelight when he was signed into Three Records by RDB. Later, he started producing music for Bollywood. Raftaar can rap in different languages like Hindi , Punjabi , Haryanvi , Malayalam and English,Marathi. He was also a part of Mafia Mundeer, formed by Yo Yo Honey Singh.



Look to your left. Now look to your right. Our statistics show that three out of three people have their hands up in the air, eyes gleaming, smiling silly. The only break up you’ve had recently is with your daily routine. And the hangover you’re experiencing is from the reminiscing of loud thumps from the last 2 years: Vh1 Supersonic 2013 and 2014. Nobody thought it was possible …till you and us did it.


Above & Beyond, Dash, Dillon & Dyk 250 Artists to capture every mood, every heartbeat. 1 Lakh liberated, crazy, happy souls felt the magic. Over 4 days and 3 stages Laboratoire, Spectrum and the mighty Iron Heart beat together for Vh1 supersonic 2014 and became a memory that will give us goose bumps for eternity.


Were we a little unsteady? Maybe. Was it overwhelming? Absolutely! We built from strength-to-strength. With each positive Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube comment, with every true dance music loyalist, top Indian and international DJs, and above all with YOU, telling us this is the festival we all deserve. O’hell, we love this feeling. We’ve imbibed “Life is made of small moments like these” a little too seriously!


And we thought it’s ludicrous to wait for Goa in December every year to gather these small moments to last another 360 days. So, we did something crazy. We’ve curated a series of these beautiful moments scattered all round the year - a calendar of experiences - so you never have to live a single heartbeat without dance. How’s that for going above and beyond?!

VH1 Supersonic 101 - A dance music platform that will visit more than 50 colleges across India where the students come together and celebrate arts, dance, and music. And a special treat for those night crawlers out there. 


Terms & Conditions

General Terms & Conditions

  • Entry permitted for ages 15 years and above only
  • Please carry a valid photo id for e-ticket exchange at the event box office. No entry tickets will be issued to e-ticket holders without a valid photo id check.
  • No refund on a purchased ticket is possible, even in case of any rescheduling.
  • This is a turnstile access event/festival. Entry tags will be issued at the box office along with your ticket and will allow entry into the event area.
  • Unlawful resale (or attempted unlawful resale) of a ticket would lead to seizure or cancellation of that ticket without refund or other compensation.
  • Wristbands will be issued as per ticket category post entry into the event. Wrist bands removed or tampered with will be rendered invalid and WILL NOT be replaced.
  • No re-entry allowed, wrist bands will be cut upon exit.
  • Box office and entry gates close at 8pm.
  • Each ticket admits one person only. Duplicate tickets will not be issued for lost or stolen tickets
  • Artist line up and billed attractions may be subject to change.
  • Organizers reserve the right to perform security check on invitees/member of audience at the entry point for security reasons.
  • Organizers or any of its agents, officers and employees shall not be responsible for any injury, damage, theft, losses or cost suffered at or as a result of the event of any part of it.
  • Parking near or at the festival premises is at the risk of the vehicle owner. Organizer will not hold responsibility for any damage or theft of any vehicles within the stipulated parking premises of the festival.
  • Consumption and sale of illegal substances is strictly prohibited.
  • Cameras, any form of recording instruments, arms and ammunition, eatables, bottled water, beverages, alcohol are not allowed from outside the festival. Food and beverages will be available inside the festival.
  • This ticket permits entry to the event/festival grounds only. Any after parties or related events may have other ticketing requirements and may be sold separately.
  • Rights of admission reserved, even to valid ticket holders.
  • Organizers are not responsible for any negative effects of food items or drinks consumed in the venue by festival guests.
  • Persons suspected of carrying items that may be used in an offensive or dangerous manner, or carrying out illegal activities within the site may be searched.
  • First aid/medical facilities will be provided, however, the organizers do not take any responsibility for any problems arising.
  • Any disputes to be settled under Gautam Buddha Nagar jurisdiction courts only.
  • The holder of this ticket herby grants organizers the right to use, in perpetuity, all or any part of the recording of any tape made of holder's appearance on any channel for broadcast in any and al media globally and for advertising, publicity and promotion relating hereto.
  • The organizers reserve the right without refund or other recourse, to refuse admission to anyone who is found to be in breach of these terms and conditions including, if necessary, ejecting the holder/s of the ticket from the venue after they have entered the ground.


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Consumption of the narcotic drug or psychotropic substance (cocaine, morphine, diacetyl – morphine or any other narcotic drug) or any psychotropic substance is liable for rigorous imprisonment for a term which may extend to one year, or with fine which may extend to Twenty Thousand rupees; or with both under NDPS Act, 1985.

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