Book Online Tickets for Google Adwords and Analytics Certificati, Mumbai. Madhuri Bogawat - An IIT/IIM Trainer with 15 years of Industry Experience
WeBinds Google Adwords Certification is a hands-on program curated by leading Digital strategists Ms. Madhuri Bogawat. With a Postgraduate in International Marketing fro

Google Adwords and Analytics Certification Training - With Madhuri Bogawat


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About The Event

Madhuri Bogawat - An IIT/IIM Trainer with 15 years of Industry Experience


WeBinds Google Adwords Certification is a hands-on program curated by leading Digital strategists Ms. Madhuri Bogawat. With a Postgraduate in International Marketing from Symbiosis Institute of International Business, She has worked with some of the largest National and International brands such as Zee Entertainment, Inox Leisure, Loop Mobile, Cimatron Technologies amongst others. Now, for the past 3.5 years, she runs her own brand, marketing, and communication consultancy with a special focus on digital marketing, called Crimson Cobalt Digital Private Limited In a career spanning over 14 years, she has conducted several conferences on a gamut of topics including – Marketing, Media, Entertainment, Business Management, Macro-Economics, Solid Waste Management and Renewable Energy Sources. She is an expert in Digital Marketing, having worked in the industry and being at the forefront of online innovations and introduction of new products. Key amongst them are the sessions at Tata Institute of Social Sciences (TISS-SVE), Vinod Gupta School of Management (IIT – Kharagpur), various IIMs, Symbiosis University, Central and State Pollution Control Board of India (CPCB), Venture Centre (National Chemical Laboratories – NCL), Vasantdada Sugar Institute and several other management institutes amongst others. She not only facilitated as a Guest Faculty at Management Institutes but also mentors several students across the nation. A strong background in Strategy and Marketing has enabled her in assisting businesses to identify their goals and grow at a formidable pace. I also consult Small and Medium Businesses to scale up their operations.



Trainer: Madhuri Bogawat - Google AdWords & Analytics Certification

AdWords Certification

Introduction to Adwords Dashboard

Ad Rank

Landing Pages

Walk Through: Landing Page Examples

Campaign & Ad Group Fundamentals


Targeting and Bidding

Location Targeting

Walk Through: Location Targeting

Walk Through: Location Groups

Language Targeting

Walk Through: Language Targeting

Bidding & Budgeting

Walk Through: Bidding & Budgeting

Walk Through: Adding Conversion Tracking

Ad Extensions

Walk Through: Ad Extensions


Creating Ads & Adding Keywords

Creating & Writing Ads

Walkthrough: Creating And Writing Ads

Adding Keywords

Keyword Match Types

Walk Through: Adding Keywords & Keyword Match Types

Walk Through: Adding Negative Keywords

Dynamic Keyword Insertion

Walk Through: Dynamic Keyword Insertion


How To Create A Mobile Specific Campaign

Elements to Change to Make A Mobile Specific Campaign

How To Find Out What Your Website Looks Like On A Mobile Device?

Tracking 3 Different Kinds of Conversions for Mobile Campaigns


YouTube Ads:

Advertising On The World 2nd Largest Search Engine

YouTube Basics: Different Types of Ways to Advertise on YouTube


AdWords Strategies & Research Tools

Walk Through: Competitive Research

Google Keyword Planner

Walk Through: Using Google Analytics for Keyword Research

Better Keyword Research



Optimization Overview

Optimizing Campaign Settings

Optimizing Through A/B Testing

Optimizing with Ad Extensions

Optimizing Click Through Rates

Optimizing with Negative Keywords


Display and Remarketing

Intro to Display Campaigns

Walk Through: Display Campaigns

Intro to Remarketing

Walk Through: Remarketing


Conclusion with a Live Project:

Create & manage a Google AdWords campaigns like a ninja on your own account or our dummy account

Analytics Certification

Introduction to Google Analytics


Google Analytics Admin Section

Account Settings

Property Settings

View Settings


Using Google Analytics Reports

Report Date Picker

Exporting Report Data

Overview Charts

Changing Time Views

Creating Annotations in Reports

Viewing Full Reports

Using Explorer Tabs

Data Charts

Pie Chart Reports

Performance Graph

Site Averages Chart

Pivot Tables

Searching Reports and Sorting


Report Walkthroughs

Creating and Editing Dashboards

Adding Shortcuts to Reports

Using Intelligence Events


Audience Report Walkthroughs

Demographics and Interests Report

Geo Report (Language and Location)

Behavior Reports

Technology and Mobile Reports

Using User Flow Reports


Acquisition Report Walkthroughs

Overview, Channels & All Traffic

Referrals & Campaign Reports

Keyword Reports

AdWords Reports

Social Reports

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Reports

Google Webmaster Tools


Behavior Report Walkthroughs

Overview & Behavior Flow Reports

Site Content Reports

Site Speed Report

Site Search & Events Reports

AdSense & In-Page Analytics


Conversion Report Walkthroughs



Multi-Channel Funnels



Custom Report Walkthroughs

Adding and Editing Custom Reports

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