Gond Art Workshop For Children At Must Art Gallery

Gond Art Workshop For Children At Must Art Gallery


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Gond Art Workshop for children.
The latest venture of Must Art Gallery paves its way into the Hearts & Hands of the young and budding artists through its 2 day workshop on Gond Tribal Art by Gond Artist Japani Shyam.

The Gonds are one of the largest, heterogeneous tribal communities, distributed contiguously across six states in central India. Formerly called the Gondwana, this region stretches from the Vindhya Mountains in the north to the Godavari gorges in the south, and served as the seat of four separate Gond kingdoms, as recorded in the 16th century document, Ain-i-Akbari. Though the Gonds sometimes call themselves Koi or Koiture, the word 'Gond' (from the Dravidian word Kond, meaning 'green mountains') was applied to them by outsiders and has stuck on.

Group A (5 - 10 yrs) - (10.00 am - 12.00noon).
Group B (11- 16 yrs) - (3.00 pm- 5.30 pm).

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