Goan Fiesta

Goan Fiesta


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Goa is coming to Pirangut, Pune.

And it’s time you head down here and have a rocking time with friends and family with Goan Food, Goan Music and Goan Dance. All you need is an all-inclusive complimentary (yes, complimentary! It includes beverage, food, entertainment) entry pass, and the desire to have some whole hearted Goan fun!!

Here's how you can get an all-inclusive pass:

Step 1: Like our facebook page FamilyTimeIndia

Step 2: Send us an email at familytimeindia@gmail.com and we'll send you a pass. Just to let you know, one pass is for one person only and we only have limited passes. If you want passes for your friends, get them to like our page and send us an email. Hope to rock with you there!

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