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Event Date : 20th AugustTime : 11am to 1pm Duration : 1hr Age group :3 yrs and aboveLast date of registration :19th AugustObJective : A mission to replace harmful plaster of paris (PoP) Ganesha idols through Eco-friendly, Economical

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Event Date : 20th August
Time : 11am to 1pm 
Duration : 1hr 
Age group :3 yrs and above
Last date of registration :19th August

ObJective : A mission to replace harmful plaster of paris (PoP) Ganesha idols through Eco-friendly, Economical and Efficient Go GREEN Ganesha idols and immersion.

Like every year, this year too, concerns have been raised about the use of idols made with plaster of paris (PoP) and toxic chemicals. These idols often end up in our lakes and water bodies causing severe pollution. Every year our rivers ,lakes and ponds get polluted after Ganesh Puja to over come this encouraging kids to make Go Eco Green Ganesha idols from clay, paper mesh,coconut shells,tumeric powder and different ways to "Visarjan" Ganesh Idols after Puja will make awareness among kids to celleberate festival without affecting our nature, and protecting our Earth from air,noise,water pollotion free . 
The idols are made of clay, which is not baked but air-dried. They are moulded or hand-sculpted and are painted using natural substances like turmeric, multani mitti and gheroo. The idea is that once you immerse it, you can put the mud back in your garden or for any other use. 
Some idol will be made using molds and then will be hardened. After that the seeds will be inserted in the base. This Ganesha can be a part of your home even after the “visarjan”. The idol comes with basil and tomato seeds inserted in the bottom. So after the idol dissolves, the seeds germinate within seven days. The 'visarjan' cannot be a conventional one. Instead of immersing in water, the idol should be watered and it will dissolve. Within seven days the seeds will germinate.

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