Gnosis - The lost link between science and spirituality, Every Wednesday @ 7pm

Gnosis - The lost link between science and spirituality, Every Wednesday @ 7pm


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Gnosis means “knowledge” and refers specifically to the intuitive and inner wisdom that is revealed to us when we reach insight about life. From the most ancient times man has always sought the knowledge of himself and the world that surrounds him, in order to find the answers to the enigmas of existence. Who am I? Why am I here? What is the purpose of my life? Is there an answer to what happens after we die? What are dreams and their symbols? Which are the cosmic laws that govern us? How can we develop our soul?

Man, through his consciousness, has been able to go throughout history and civilizations to express this higher knowledge or “Gnosis”, inspired by the eternal light of the inner spirit. This connection with the soul has been transmitted universally through the pillars of Philosophy, Art, Science and Religion. It is possible for us in today´s modern society to reconnect with this inner and hidden knowledge in order to find ourselves and the purpose of our life.

Gnosis is therefore the universal knowledge of the intimate Self. Proving to be the lost link between science and religion, it revives the ancient spiritual wisdom that every soul carries within, breaking the barriers between the interior and the exterior, reuniting us with our true inner nature.

The teachings do not just provide theories and ideas, but give several practices and meditations through which we reach what is known as Self-gnosis, thus testifying​ the trueness and reality about the mysteries of life and death.

The student begins to learn by studying different states of consciousness, the wakeful, the dreaming, mindfulness, etc., and then by gradually perceiving more and more until reaching connection with the true inner being. This gives us the power to make more conscious decisions, have a broader perspective of our existence, and have better solutions to daily inner and exterior crisis ​that surround us. 

Everybody that seeks to know the mysteries of the universe and the even greater mysteries of the Self is offered this opportunity to communicate with like-minded people, and begin their personal development investigation through these studies.


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