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Gnaritas 2013

Gnaritas, Latin for ‘Knowledge’, was adopted by Mithibai-ites in 2012 for naming an unorthodox intercollegiate event. Combining economics and business to form a Busineconomics festival, Mithibai has taken the in

Gnaritas 2013


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Gnaritas 2013

Gnaritas, Latin for ‘Knowledge’, was adopted by Mithibai-ites in 2012 for naming an unorthodox intercollegiate event. Combining economics and business to form a Busineconomics festival, Mithibai has taken the initiative to further academic excellence via Gnaritas. It is a well devised platform combining Economics and Business related events alongside Current Affairs and Fun events, focusing primarily on helping students develop an enriched and aware personality by promising accessibility through participation.


The concept of Green Economy highlights an environment friendly economy. Green Economy is not to be confused with sustainable development. Sustainable development focuses on economic, social and environmental factors of a particular region, whereas green economy focuses on development with environmental balance using sustainable measures. With the theme ‘Green Economy’, we aim to explore the various facets that enhance the environmental efficiency of an economy.

Gnaritas 2013 has incorporated the theme into its working this year. We have ‘gone green’ to use the phrase. The Creatives department is using last year’s posters [repainted] for this year to avoid the massive paper wastage that comes with poster making. The Research, Writing and Photography department has gone completely virtual and has zero paper usage.


So all in all, this year’s Gnaritas is working towards being as environmentally friendly as possible and practice what we preach to our associates as well as participants.


Event Categories:


A] BUSINECONOMICS : Think, Analyze, Plan, Action– is quite the fourfold essence of the two vast and interlocked concepts of Business and Economics. Thus, Gnaritas brings you the portmanteau of “Busineconomics”, a category, under the helm of which we devise events involving the subject matter of Business and the fundamentals of economics. Interdependence between the two can widely be stated by the importance of a favourable economy for business development and the growth of business for a better economy. The cycle of Business and Economy on the whole is mainly responsible for the global movement of power, wealth, resources, employment – which again is the groundwork for the theme of Gnaritas – II. The theoretical and practical aspects of the two need much cognizance and hence with a view to promulgate such significant blend, we propose Busineconomics consisting of the following modernistic events:

  • MAD MONEY(Portfolio Management),
  • AWAKEN THE INGENIOUS (Innovation),
  • BUILD IT OR BREAK IT (Establish Your Venture),
  • AD-HATTER (Advertising),
  • G-20,


B] CURRENT AFFAIRS/ GENERAL KNOWLEDGE: Raising your own awareness about not only the subject-specific national issues but also about the widespread global issues asserts great importance in the world we live in. The shift of paradigm has changed the way things are being carried out the world over. This cannot be better exemplified than the currently developing extensiveness of the Economics which has shown its applications in the worldly politics, social dynamics, resource management, business and so on. This brings us to the second event category including the following:

  • GNARITAS TIMES (Journalism Event),
  • CHAKRAVYU (Wheel Of Fortune),
  • THE GREAT INDIAN TAMASHA (Model Indian Parliament),
  • VOICE THE ISSUE (Group Discussion),
  • KNOW IT ALL! (Quiz)

C] FUN: Everyone knows what effects “All work and no play” can have on our mind body and soul. To ensure a fun-filled and rejuvenating passage through the intense Business, Economics and Current Affairs – related events, Gnaritas brings to you, an array of interesting events to lighten up the air and shift the focus to some entertainment. We look forward to creatively conceptualize “entertainment” in an academic festival. This will include some between-the-events mini games and contests in addition to full-fledged fun events as following:

  • MR. AND MS. GNARITAS (Personality Test),
  • ACE THE RACE (Treasure Hunt),
  • THE ASLI PICTURE (Street Play).

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Nikita Dhanraj : 9769935894
Khyati Dhabalia:9920680638

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