Glowey White Christmas At F Bar & Lounge

Glowey White Christmas At F Bar & Lounge


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F Bar & Lounge Presents Glowey White Christmas.

This Christmas, enter the illusionary world of Vooo Doo - San TA' & the glowing body painted Santa dancers, A wonderland of sound, light and story telling visual art blended with customized theme based freestyle dancers and performance art. Also witness the incorporation of UV body paint and black lights to create mirage through body art in motion.

Santa girls will use postures to narrate stories, crafting a musical journey beyond fairy tales. Watch out for an updated version of Santa disguise of DJ San, comprising of glow in the dark special efforts make up, a signature black light Santa jacket, trousers and shoes and synchronized aviators of Santa girls, bouncing to the grinding electro House & rare remixes of San- Ta.

Pricing Details - Entry Charges - Rs 3,000 / Couple

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