Global Project Management - SABCONS - India's first PMI - R.E.P.

Global Project Management - SABCONS - India's first PMI - R.E.P.


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The IT industry is today the linchpin of the global economy. However project management in IT is a different ball game altogether. A relatively new sector which has seen phenomenal growth in recent times the market is competitive with new products and solutions being released every day making aggressive timelines a routine feature. Unlike traditional sectors IT involves primarily intangible elements. Over and above the typical project delivery requirements a global project brings additional complex situations of distributed teams varying time zones and increased risks due to a demanding client and even more demanding end users. A smooth unhampered process for delivery is absolutely essential. Managing scope risks and virtual teams are the key success factors for most of the IT Projects. To battle these challenges SABCONS - your trusted partner in Project Management Training is proud to present its program S-GlobalPro - a first of its kind course that aims to provide participants a holistic perspective of IT Project Management and enable them to apply global best practices in a real life project.

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