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Global Education Interact (GEI) is more than an Education Fair. It is an event where Universities and Education Institutions from many countries come to meet specifically with pre-qualified and serious student applicants to their courses, Institution, and country. The major thrust is to meet students interested in gaining admission into the current or latest up-coming intakes though in some circumstances University delegates will talk to students for the following year’s intakes.

The GEI is an Exhibition with a difference. The term GEI was coined by "The Chopras". It defines the nature of the event and is copyrighted as a Brand.

The choice menu available to Indian students today is huge. Universities and Institutions from all over the world are actively seeking Indian students; including from the U.S.A., U.K., Ireland, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, Singapore, Switzerland, Italy, Europe, Malaysia, and others.

It is well known that most Indian students and parents are seldom focused on one single country as their choice. Besides there are always visa issues; so for instance if a visa for a country is refused, they look at creating fall back options to other Countries and Universities or Institutions.

Up until now, students and parents have had to visit many single country Education Fairs such as those held by U.K., Australia, New Zealand, U.S.A, Ireland, and other countries. Each has dozens of Universities who set up stalls; each of them have a good story to tell and lots of options to woo students; but almost always, due to the crowds, none have the time to have detailed conversations with students to assess the best options for them given their goals, Career Plans, academic or financial constraints, if any, and so on.

The Global Education Interact changes all that; and in the time honored tradition of "The Chopras"; benchmarked how Education Fairs should be run from the very first one held in May-June 2008.

At the GEI, students and parents, get the opportunity to meet with Institutions from different countries that form their “choice matrix”; all under one roof.

GEI students have either met with highly trained "The Chopras" Counselors at their offices and have had detailed discussion on the suitability of which Country, Course, Institution etc.; and have completed applications for the Institutions of their choice or; if they are coming for the first time at the GEI venue, they are met by the same Counselors, have detailed discussions, clarify their issues, complete their application forms, and then meet with the Admissions teams of the Institutions of their choice.

This ensures that neither the student nor the Institution’s delegates are wasting their time; and the job gets done; at "The Chopras" the job always gets done!

The GEI is an exciting event where lots of seminars are held on all possible matters related to the exercise of planning and executing your further education within a Global framework. The choices are immense, the opportunities abound, but each student and his goals, ambitions, academic achievement, financial parameters are different. This merits serious thinking in a lateral framework.

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