Glider Making | Aeromodelling Workshop

Glider Making | Aeromodelling Workshop


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About The Event

If you want to learn about flying objects and don't know where to start, AerotriX gives you just the right platform with a Balsa Glider workshop. Designing and fabricating a glider helps one understand the basic idea behind flight and the significance of various parts of the airplane. It helps the participant understand aerodynamics, controls and stability in the most simplest manner. By tweaking slightly with various parts of the glider, one can actually make it perform some interesting aerobatics which will help the participant understand the basic principles of flight.



Workshop Structure

The workshop has the following modules.

  1. Lecture:The participants would be introduced to the physics behind airplanes and about aircraft design here.

  2. Design Session: The participants would design their own glider in this session. Team AerotriX would help the participants, verify the designs and ensure that everyone comes up with a successful design.

  3. Fabrication: The participants would give a physical form to their design developed in the earlier session from scratch

  4. Testing: After thorough verification, the models would finally be tested by flying them.

Course Duration: 8 hours

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