Gill, Tandonness and The Art of Lesbian Maintenance - The Park Hotel

Gill, Tandonness and The Art of Lesbian Maintenance - The Park Hotel


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About The Event

Gill, Tandonness & The Art of Lesbianics is a hysterically funny comedy show featuring A Tamilian with Sardar blood, a red-blooded Punju and a Sindhi lady who has broken several barriers. Actually, forget about where they come from: this is a show with 3 highly talented comedians. Catch them in action at a venue of your convenience.


Opening act, Kanan Gill, is half Tamilian and half Sardar. Seriously Kanan Gill is the tip of an iceberg, where the rest of the iceberg is a confused Punjabi under water, make that sambhar. He is a writer, musician, stand up comedian, software engineer, fitness enthusiast and a slightly creepy guy. He has recently exploded onto the stand up comedy scene by winning the Punch Line Bangalore competition, and is now stumbling onto stages all over the place. You can catch him doing his thing and keeping audiences in splits, or hiding in that tree next to your house.

Vasu Rit Primlani is a celebrated comic who has been featured on the BBC, including Google video, CBS, KCSM and the San Francisco Bay Guardian. Yes, she`s gay and proud of it. She has also performed at 800 miles per hour on board Southwest Airlines. Described by critics as ``Outstanding`` and a ``force of nature`` she has the ability to maintain a deadpan expression while performing the craziest comic maneuvres.

Amit Tandon is known as `The married guy`in the stand-up comedy circuit. After 2 kids and one marriage (not necessarily in that order!) he realized when life’s a joke, why not make a career out of it. An engineer & MBA by qualification, he worked in the corporate sector for 6 years. Then being a true Punjabi gravitated to running his own business. Which is what gives his comedy a ‘been there done that’ truly well-rounded feel. A master at sharing amusing observational and hugely relatable anecdotes, he jokes about everything personally painful to him – from marriage to politics to road traffic and even women in general. His style is unassuming but there is nothing casual about the audience’s response to him. Switching effortlessly between Hindi and English, Amit’s humor is universal - connecting with all segments of audience, be it middle class, middle aged, young-at-heart to young college going crowds. With over a 100 performances across Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, Chandigarh and a brief stint at Singapore under his belt, Amit is a regular at the Best of Stand up lineup  at The Comedy Store,Mumbai and is also the Host for `Grandmasters of Comedy`, one of the longest running comedy nights in India.

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