Book Online Tickets for Ghorwadeshwar Hike and Bike , Pune. Indo Cyclist Club (ICC) coming with new event of the year Ghorwadeshwar Hike and Bike.
Please note : If you register now you will not get finisher medal.
ICC is socio-Environmental non profitable organization basically working with aim to p

Ghorwadeshwar Hike and Bike


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About The Event

Indo Cyclist Club (ICC) coming with new event of the year Ghorwadeshwar Hike and Bike.

Please note : If you register now you will not get finisher medal.

ICC is socio-Environmental non profitable organization basically working with aim to promote not only fuel free transportation but also spreading awareness about physical fitness for citizen of our country and aiming to spread it across borders.
There are more than 800 sports enthusiast members of this group although name contains cyclist word, but people here are skilled professional of running, Swimming, trekking, mountain ring & Environmentalist.
After getting tremendous positive response from our first event Bhakti Shakti cyclothon, which was the first kind of event not only of PCMC but also of Pune which was participated by 250 no’s participants for cycling 100km and 20km distance.

Now Ghorwadeshwar Hike and Bike is Cycling & hiking Event is organized by Indo Cyclist Club (ICC) its cyling from Bhakti shakti chowk ,Nigdi to MCA Stadium Gahunje & Hiking to Ghorwadeshwar & Back to MCA Stadium.

So join this movement to test your endurance strength with cycling & hiking in our beautiful nature with us …..

Sunday, 26th  March 2017, Near Bhakti Shakti Garden,  Nigdi, PCMC Pune @ 6 am.

Distance :

11 Km  Cycling - Flag off time 6:00AM 
Bhakti Shakti -->D.Y.Patil COE--> Mukai Chowk--> MCA Stadium,Gahunje.
This is cycling distance 11 km see route map below.

Reporting Time - 30 minutes before flag-off

 NOTE - Parking facility available for cycles @ MCA Cricket Stadium , Gahunje.

Hike & Bike Participants will get:Goodie Bag.

  1. BIB.
  2. Finisher Medal. 
    Only for first 300 Participants which already registered we have kept  open some tickets for few more members on request
    Please note : If you register now you will not get finisher medal. 
  3. Participation Certificate.
  4. Delicious Breakfast.
  5. Hydration point available @ MCA Stadium.

For More information visit our website - 

Terms & Conditions

Important Instructions:

  • We are promoting females & Kids to participate in this event so kept fees only 100 for them , Kids must shows there age proof while taking BIB.
  • Carry 1 liter of water with you. Do not forget to refill your water bottles at water station.
  • Throw empty water bottles, banana peels & trash in Garbage bins placed soon after every water station. PLEASE-DO NOT LITTER OUR BEAUTIFUL CITY.
  • SMILE at our photographers who will capture your picture while cycling. Do not risk by posing with your hands off the handle or stunts.
  • Look out for signage/ arrows & our Volunteers along your route. Volunteers would wear Fluorescent Jackets.
  • We are thankful to Pune Traffic Police for their guidance & support. Though the route has been carefully selected to avoid traffic, watch-out for traffic and any obstacles on the route. Slow down or stop if necessary. SAFETY FIRST! Cycling speed & Timing later!!
  • Recheck your fitness levels – if you don’t feel good, opt out or just take it easy – there is always another event
  • When you can go flat out. Contact nearest Volunteer for medical support.
  • Eat fruits, sleep well & Hydrate well the day before the cycling.
  • There are No baggage counters so keep your stuff with you or with a friend.
  • Wear your bib number on your chest for identification.
  • Do NOT continue if you start feeling uncomfortable of uneasy at any point.
  • At the finish – Do stretching again. Drink water to rehydrate and get a Breakfast.

Terms & Conditions

  1. To avoid un-necessary hassles, misunderstandings and disputes, following rules and regulations are laid down so that the event ends in good spirit and on a positive note.
  2. Please choose the event category carefully based on your fitness level.
  3. Participant, once registered under any category, cannot cancel his/her registration. There will be no refund of registration fees paid by the participant in case of his/her failure to participate in the event. No arguments would be entertained.
  4. This is not a race its cycling & Hiking Need to finish in 3 hr .
  5. Correct details must be filled against all the fields provided in the form. We require you to register your Personal Data in order to make a booking so we can contact you in case there be a problem with your order. Please ensure you check details provided for accuracy so we can ensure effective communications with you.
  6. All rights reserved by the Organizers.
  7. The routes are Subject to changes by the prior intimation.
  8. Remember this event is primarily a self-supported event although we are lucky to have support of our sponsors.
  9. All participants must sign an indemnity form at the time of goodies bag collection. If they cannot come personally, they should take a printout, sign the same and send it through their representative for the collection of Goodies Bag. Without this participant will not be allowed to participate in the event.
  10. Helmets, front headlight and rear lights/blinkers are compulsory for all cycles. Cyclists without helmets will not be allowed to participate. We will be riding in dark in start of event and we do not want accidents only because somebody did not see something because of poor light.
  11. Any notice sent to the email address registered with the organizers shall be deemed as received by the cyclist.
  12. You take full responsibility for participating in the event and do not hold Indo Cyclist Club or any of its members or associates, entities responsible for any injury or accident.
  13. You shall consult your physician and undergo complete medical examination to assess your suitability to participate in the event.
  14. You also assume all risks associated with participating in this event including, but not limited to, falls, contact with other participants, the effects of the weather, including high heat or humidity, traffic and the condition of the road, arson or terrorist threats and all other risks associated with a public event. You are not liable to blame the Organizers and Volunteers for the same.
  15. Understand that the event goes through the roads in the city that may have vehicular traffic especially on the return journey. Though, our volunteers will take care of managing the traffic, you are requested to watch and be careful of vehicular traffic. We request total co-operation from participants in this regards
  16. You agree that Indo cyclist club &/or its associates shall not be liable for any loss, damage, illness or injury that might occur as a result of your participation in the event.
  17. You agree to abide by the instructions provided by the organizers from time to time in the best interest of your health and event safety.
  18. You also agree to stop cycling if instructed by the event organizers.
  19. Please carry your own puncture kits and spare tube. Puncture fixing is not under our support. Backup will be provided only for cycle failure/breakdown.
  20. All riders in any ride will have to bring their own bicycle, support equipment, and ride essentials.

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