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About The Event

The all exciting GetFit Fitness bootcamp is back. Due to the enormous success and high popularity of the GetFit V1.0 and GetFit V2.0, we are back with the new and innovative V3.0 called "GetFit The Ultimate Challenge"

Don't miss the chance to indulge yourself in this Ultimate Challenge, as this will be the crowning session for this season.


What is GetFit The Ultimate Challenge? 
A. GetFit The Ultimate Challenge is an event where fitness enthusiasts are subjected to crazy fitness regimes which are exciting, fun filled and innovative to keep you charged and keep you going.


What can you expect at GetFit The Ultimate Challenge?
A. Lots and Lots of Craziness and Fun along with the core idea of fitness embedded into the workouts of the session. 


Who all can participate?
A. Anybody who is fit and fine to walk and jog and are ready to explore and enjoy the craziness of the idea of Fitness with Fun are more than welcome to join the session.


WIIFM? (What's In It For Me?)
A. Crazy fun, Improved Fitness, chance to meet new people, socialize and explore, Loads of Exciting goodies and stuff at the end of the session too.


Is it a paid session?
A. Yes, the session is a paid one for which we charge a nominal amount of 150 INR for which you will be getting merchandize worth more than the paid amount.


I am a newbie to fitness, can I participate?
A. Of course you can, that's the whole idea of our bootcamp. It is not intended only to the fitness freaks but to everyone who wants to enjoy the crazy side of fitness.


What should be the attire to attend this event?
A. Any kind of comfortable clothing and a pair of good sports shoes should be fine (excluding Jeans/Denims and casual wear), we would suggest coming in track pants or stretchable yoga pants or shorts and a full sleeved t-shirt or top or jacket for the event.

Should we carry any extra things(Yoga mats etc..,) for the event?
A. The idea behind conducting this event in the midst of nature is to have a chance indulge yourself more with nature as much as possible, but if you still prefer to not come out of your comfort zone and don't want to sit,lie down on the grass floor at the venue, then you are welcome to get your own yoga mats.


Should we carry water bottles to the event?
A. We do provide purified drinking water facility at the event but it is upto your wish to get your own water bottles.


For any more queries to drop in a mail to or ring us on +91 8884997997 or +91 9008200097 or +91 9741344032

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