Get to the Point - Workshop on Business Communication

Get to the Point - Workshop on Business Communication


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About The Event

Workshop description

The success of any business to a large extent depends on effective and efficient communication. It takes place amongst business entities, in markets, within organizations and between various groups of employees, owners and employees. All such communications impacts business. Done with, such communication can promote business interest. 

Effective communication is significant for managers in the organization so as to perform basic functions such as planning, organizing, leading and controlling. Communication serves as a foundation for planning. All essential information must be communicated to managers in-turn must communicate with others about their job task. Similarly leaders as mangers must communicate effectively with their subordinates so as to achieve the team goals. Controlling is not possible without written and oral communication.

Nowadays, information is mostly relayed online or electronically. Subsequently, most of the traditional ways to read and interpret communication messages now go lost in translation. Today, the receivers of our communication messages do not usually hear our voices and are consequently not able to read into the vocal tone which carries about 38% of the entire message in itself. Nor can Information Age communication receivers interpret your body language signals. These traditionally contribute 55% of the communication impact in the messages we send out.

The danger today is that when clients read your comments and documents, if they are having a bad day, or aren’t good at reading between the lines, they impose their personal perception filters on the information provided. Your original message may become completely mis-read, distorted and misunderstood. In Information Age communication conclusions are jumped to constantly!

An effective and efficient communication requires proficiency in delivering and receiving messages. Join us at GROWTH on 13 July 2013 at Hotel Metropolitan, New Delhi at sharp 9.45 AM, ,for  “Get to the Point. ” This is a path-breaking workshop designed to enable Manager/Entrepreneurs/ Businessmen to breakthrough barriers to communication, through a simple and in-depth approach on :

  • Non-Verbal Communication – 
    • Kinesics ( study of body movement)
    • Proxemics (physical distance one maintains from people during communication)
    • Paralanguage ( cues one pick up from individuals voice, pitch, tone rate of speeech, accent
    • Listening  



  • Verbal Communication 
  • Written Communication 

    Email etiquette, Phone/Call manners, Self presentation 



 Key Focus Areas

-  Communication - What & Why ?

-  Power of Communication - What is communication for us till today and in Future? 

-  It is not what but How ?



-  Identify the importance and need of effective communication 

-  Illustrate the components of verbal and non-verbal communication 

-  Identify ways of customizing communication 

-  Apply techniques of effective listening & speaking 



-  Communication is an ART to present yourself

-  Communication helps you not only in what you speak but what you think

-  Communication helps in understanding and relating yourself to others 

-  Communication helps in controlling attitude and behavior of people


Trainer Profile

Aditya is a Certified trainer from Foundation of International Board of Certified Trainers, IBCT ( Rotterdam, The Netherlands- EU). Aditya is a qualified and experienced professional with around 12 years of experience professional training experience. In his tenure he has worked with companies like Igate, Dell and Blue Tiger.

Aditya has conducted programs over Customer Service, Leadership Essentials, Team Management, Team Building, Business Communication, Presentation Skills, Time Management, Sales, Creative Thinking.

An accomplished and well regarded facilitator and trainer, using mainly experiential and discovery based learning methods,  promising you a deeply moving and enriching experience with Aditya in “Get to the Point”.  

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