Book Online Tickets for Connecting You With Your Core - A Gestal, Mumbai. How does Gestalt work?The science of Gestalt works on the basic premise that much before any situation – be it pleasant or otherwise – affects a person at the mental or emotional level, the human body not only experiences it first, but al

Connecting You With Your Core - A Gestalt Practitioners Certification Program


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About The Event

How does Gestalt work?
The science of Gestalt works on the basic premise that much before any situation – be it pleasant or otherwise – affects a person at the mental or emotional level, the human body not only experiences it first, but also manifests the effects it has had on the person through non-verbal cues and bodily symptoms.With 93% of human communication being non-verbal in nature, Gestalt focuses on the incongruities between a person's words and his non-verbal bodily cues that tell the real story behind his words. By focusing on experiencing one's own body, breathing, levels of energy, and blockages in certain areas of the body, one is empowered to cleanse and heal himself, and march ahead in life without any baggage from the past.


How will I benefit from Gestalt?
Gestalt has significant benefits for all individuals engaged in the spheres of human resource management, sales and marketing, psychologists, psychotherapists, psychiatrists, educators, movement therapists, alternative healers, trainers, teachers, trainers, body workers, business leaders and those seeking personal growth and sustaining lifelong relationships.


Following are the benefits of experiencing Gestalt:
- Heightened sense of self-awareness
- Ability to read and interpret non-verbal cues
- Strong sense of personal power
- Freedom from inhibitions, fears, traumas, phobias
- Developing deep and genuine contact with others
- Emotional intelligence and healthy coping mechanisms
- Clear expression of one's feelings
- Freedom from unfinished business and emotional baggage
- Self-reliance and ability to support oneself internally, instead of external reliance


Specific areas of Gestalt application include:
- Emotional management
- Confidence building
- Enhanced charisma
- Influencing, persuading and convincing others
- Identifying others' emotions, especially those leading to limiting behaviours
- Conflict resolution through synchronized behaviours
- Relationship enhancement
- Communicating effectively with teams and colleagues
- Coaching, motivating, guiding, mentoring, teaching
- Healing through any school of medicine or psychotherapy
- Parenting
- Bringing in Balance of unused polarities
- Expressing feelings sufficiently


Course Structure and Syllabus:
Day 1 – Introduction: Grow into awareness – Get into the body and express your feelings sufficiently; Being and becoming

Day 2 – Fantasies: Polarities we use, and the less used polarities; Idea of Gestalt – figure, ground and contact-withdrawal; Awareness and its nature and shape; Understanding Gestalt resistances and identifying them in clinical and corporate contexts

Day 3 – The fertile void: Be open and give into emptiness; Polarity collapse

Day 4 – Nine principles of Gestalt Therapy; Empty Chair; Formation, Completion and emergent needs; Introduction to the unconscious; Certification


Faculty Chair:
Anil Thomas is an eminent speaker in the field of human development and has coached more than 8600 clients across India over the last 17 years.
He is a Gestalt Therapist-Double Graduate, Certified Metaphor Practitioner, and also an NLP-Double Graduate (Basic, Advanced, Health & Tools). He owes his therapeutic skills to Dr. Richard (Dick) McHugh SJ PhD.
An ICF Certified Life Coach and CCA certified Empowerment Coach, Anil is a powerful International Coach and Mentor. He is also a certified Transactional Analysis (TA) practitioner from ICTA, Cochin.
A rank holder and meritorious student himself during his academic days, Anil is a Master in Organic Chemistry.


Top 3 Reasons why you should enroll for this workshop with TTGLS:
- Anil Thomas has widespread experience of therapeutic practice owing to his work in the areas of personal counseling, psychotherapy, marital and family therapy. TTGLS also does business coaching and life coaching, so you shall gain a deeper co-relation of Gestalt with your emotions, others' emotions and increased productivity, all in a safe and supportive environment conducive for growth and change. While addressing a diversity of personal and emotional concerns, Anil and his team of therapists are dedicated and experienced mental health professionals who work with people of every age and every stage of life
- TTGLS has been working since several years in the Human Resources sphere, and can give you the benefit of their experience of applying Gestalt across the spectrum of HR
- At the TTGLS Gestalt Practitioner Certification Workshop, you will receive specific feedback on your own non-verbal messages and bodily manifestations, thereby enabling you to experience life and emotions at a richer and deeper level

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