Gen-Y Life Skills Training Programme

Gen-Y Life Skills Training Programme


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About The Event

Programme Overview:

Imagine a strong personality with a powerful sense of presence that everyone seems to look up to. Would it not be wonderful to be this person? Knowing what to do and how to communicate with others in social settings is a skill we all need to master as we go through life. Some of us seem to be a lot better at this, which perhaps has to do with our upbringing or specific life experiences. Fortunately, knowing how to efficiently navigate the social scene is a learnable skill and we can all get better at it by practicing and reflecting on our behavior. This course essentially focuses on developing such life skills for your success.

So what are Life skills?

Life skills are behaviors that enable individuals to adapt to and deal effectively with the demands and challenges of life. There are many such skills, but core life skills include the ability to:

  • Make decisions, solve problems, and think critically and creatively
  • Clarify and analyze values
  • Communicate, listen, empathize, be assertive, and negotiate
  • Cope with emotions and stress
  • Feel empathy with others and be self-aware
  • Create an impact.

About this programme:

The course is designed around a series of exercises that helps participants to practice skills by focusing on specific competencies. Through these exercises, participants can explore various methods to deal with everyday social situations and discover what methods work best for them. Various examples from day-to-day life, interaction with colleagues or even friends are explored throughout the course.


The course is divided into four major aspects. The topics broadly covered on each day are:

Leading an Intentional Life: Why aim high in life? Know your areas of interest, Goal setting, Power of vision, Power of big picture.


Interpersonal Skills: Building relationships, Networking, Communication, Socializing, and Etiquette.


Building a Positive Image: Grooming, Attitude Management, Being Flexible, Creating a Positive First Impression, Being Enthusiastic, and Energizing others.


Developing Self Confidence: Capitalize on past experiences to build confidence, Become more open minded, Overcome excessive worries and stress, and Build trust and gain confidence.


Programme Objectives:

By the end of this course the participants will be able to:

  • Identify Life Skills and learn how the human mind processes information and emotions.
  • Understand the importance of positive interaction with others and what it takes to establish rapport.
  • Develop a larger picture of life and increase their network.
  • Communicate empathically and strengthen their relationship with others.
  • Recognize another person’s contribution and improve their understanding of others.
  • Use mirroring techniques to establish rapport with others through indirect and subconscious signals; gain from their and other people’s experience and be confident.
  • Act according to their desired goal, show presence, and appear charismatic.
  • Influence others and manage runaway emotions in social encounters and guide the interaction towards a direction of their choice.
  • Monitor their relationship with others and be aware of the consequences of concern, handle tough situations, and manage stress.


The 4-day course is divided into two parts, and will be delivered in a 2+2 day format with a gap of a day in between. During this period all participants will be given small projects to work on and to apply their new skills.


Set Goals

Manage Time

Create Vision

Develop own values

Build rapport

Influence others

Establish Credibility

Increase network

Gain confidence

Be assertive

Look positive

Be flexible

Communicate well

Make impact

Create enthusiasm

Be energetic


Take Away

Psychometric assessment & briefing to every participant.


Participant manual and reading resource


Quick Book

Participation Certificate


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