Gau Art - Exhibition

Gau Art - Exhibition


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Gau Art - Exhibition.

Gau Art has brought together a group of artists from all over the country for this worthy cause, to raise funds for injured, stray and abandoned animals, Using fibre glass Gau heads as their canvas, these artists have brought forth their creativity in different forms,like encrusting them with Swarvoski as done by artists Binoy Varghese and Manish Pushkale.

Manish Pushkale feels that 'Gilding and decorating the cow head with Swarovski crystals represents mother in pain and underlines the violence involved in slaughtering them..the glitter of crystals resonates the scream for non-violence.' Says Anjum Singh, the well known artist from Delhi, 'I love animals but on my own I feel I can never do enough for them especially the one's out on the street. With projects like the Gau project I am able to make a contribution albeit a very small one in creating a better and a safer environment in this particular case for our bovine friends'.

About Good Karma Shelter:
The Good Karma Shelter is a unit of People for Animals, operating since 2005. The shelter runs an animal home for sick, injured,stray and abandoned animals. They provide housing, medical care, food, rehabilitation and love to the animals they rescue. The trust has so far rescued over a 100 injured cattle and 200 injured canines. The shelter is spread over 2 acres and is located on the Dharampur - Kasauli road at a height of 4800 feet in the foothills of the Himalayas, India.

The proceeds from the Gau Art Fund Raiser will go towards rehabilitating animals in HP, running our current shelter as well as building a new shelter for the animals.

About Garima Jain and Transmedia Arts:
Garima Jain is a young facilitator for art related projects and promoter of contemporary Indian Art and Craft. Her passion for art began at an early age - growing up with and seeing art in every form at 'Sankriti' her home. Her family is known for their contribution to the various arts and giving back to the society through the Sankriti Foundation. Her Grandfather Padamshree OP Jain is dedicated to promoting the arts and awarding upcoming artists since 1977. Having grown in a four generational joint family, she is deeply rooted in tradition and has shared passion for India heritage. Today as the Vice Chairperson of YFLO - Youth wing of FICCI FLO, Garima continues to explore new dimensions to her personality

Transmedia Arts is the brain child of Garima. It provides consultancy services in the field of art, craft and design, creates concepts and links arts, patrons and the underprivileged through the medium of art centric fund raisers.

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