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  • FIFA 15 Solo (1 vs 1)

    FIFA 15 Solo (1 vs 1)

    Sale Date Ended

    INR 500
    Sold Out
  • FIFA 15 Co-op (2 vs 2)

    FIFA 15 Co-op (2 vs 2)

    Sale Date Ended

    INR 250
    Sold Out
  • Call of Duty Advance Warfare (2 vs 2)

    Call of Duty : Advance Warfare (2 vs 2)

    Sale Date Ended

    INR 500
    Sold Out

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About The Event

GamingMonk presents Knockout Tourneys (powered by PlayStation) at the Festival of Youth Sport'15 at SRCC Sports Complex,North Campus, New Delhi.

The Tournament will be a Knockout Cup tournament. Knockouts will determine the winner at each stage and reentries will be allowed for players to have a second chance at their opponent. The tournament will feature two of the most popular games i.e. FIFA 15 and Call of Duty Advanced Warfare. It's a 4 day event and finalists of each day will be chosen to play at the last day for the grand prize.

Entry Fees: Rs. 500 per person, Rs. 500 per Team (Will include unique discount coupons for



1 vs. 1
1st place - Cash Prize Rs.13000 (Free defending champ entry to the next FIFA Tournament)
2nd place - Cash Prize Rs. 3000 plus goodies

2 vs. 2
1st place - Cash Prize Rs.5000 (Free defending champ entry to the next FIFA Tournament)
2nd place - Cash Prize Rs. 2000 plus goodies

Other awards like Player of the Tournament, Goal of the Tournament, Bad Beat and Best Comebacks. Goodies and freebies will be given for such awards.

Call of Duty:Advanced Warfare

Team Play
1st place - Cash prize Rs. 10000
2nd place - Cash prize Rs. 2000


Tournament Details below:

Game: FIFA 15

Platforms: Playstation 4 and PlayStation 3

Limited to 64 solo entries in a day and 32 team entries in a day

Match rules:

Allowed Teams: 
Only Club & International teams: Teams to be decided at registration. Player to choose the same team throughout the competition. No all Star teams/special teams allowed. Updated Squads.

Passing power assistance: OFF

Defending Style: Tactical Defending

Game speed: Normal

Injuries: ON


Custom formations/tactics/set pieces:OFF

Camera:Tele/Tele Broadcast/Default (Mutual decision


Time/Score display: ON

Auto switching: User settings

Handball: ON(except penalties)

Weather: Clear

Half length: 4 Mins for starting rounds, 5 Mins from quarter finals.

In case of a Draw: Penalties until the Semi-finals.Semi-Finals and Finals will have Extra time + penalties.

In case of console matchup(PS4 or PS3): decision to be made via a coin toss until the quarter finals. Thereafter, Games will be played on both consoles in home-away scoring fashion.

Matchday update: ON

Game pause: Only allowed when the ball is out of bounds. Player to be disqualified if done intentionally otherwise.

Rest of the game settings to remain default


Game: Call of Duty Advanced Warfare

Platforms: PS3 and PS4

Classes: Standard classes and killstreaks (No custom classes or killstreaks)

Matches : 2 vs 2 ( Only two teams at a time)

Match Type: Team Deathmatch


Round 1 : Riot
Round 2 : Terrace
Round 3 : Detroit 
Round 4 : Defender
Round 5 : Bio Lab

Limited to 32 team entries in a day


Registration can be done at the venue or online

Venue Map