Games of Scientific Observation for kids

Games of Scientific Observation for kids


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About The Event

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The event is a fun activity for kids to let them learn the standard Scientific Procedure of Question, Hypothesis,Experiment, Observation, Analysis & Conclusion.

The kids will play with day to day things and will experiment with the nature and will understand about Data Acquisition (Manual), Data Visualization & Analytics. 

Real School is a social enterprise that wants to improve the quality of education within and beyond our homes. 

For more info write to me on or call at 9818885050. 

The bottom line : It is absolutely FREE 


Every one with genuine interest will be allowed to attend the event.  Parenting Punters and their off-springs in the age group 6+ to 12 years will be allowed to participate. You can ask any of your friends to come and participate.

Prior confirmation is must.


We plan to take 20 participants (and their parents/guardians) in the initial event, however in case we receive more application, we may ask for some volunteer to manage the event and will increase the number of participants.


Each activity will be demonstrated to the parents /guardians and then they will be asked to perform the event individually with their kid. 


We welcome you to volunteer For the FREE programme of RealSchool, 

We need immediate help in the following fields  

1. Photography 

If you have interest in photography and have a nice camera, you can please click pictures and donate these pictures to us.

2. T-Shirt Design

Very very urgent, if you are a designer, help us create an outstanding T-Shirt. 

3. Logo Design

If you can help us design a logo for realschool, for the same, you can please interact with me on phone, please write to me on

4. Online Marketing

If you know about online marketing, help us spread the good word.


Offline Marketing & Media Presence

however if you specialize in some other attribute, where you can help the programme, please let us know and we will create a chair for that attribute

6. Sponsoring Place

The biggest hindrance for hosting the FREE events is a suitable place for FREE. Any sponsor is welcome.

7. Raising Funds

You can help the programme by raising funds for the FREE events.

8. Create a program with us

Help us create learning programs in any subject, be it Geography, History, Art, Science, Design, Environment, Technology, Coding, Maths, Reading etc



You are required to carry following things with you to be the part of the activities 

Pencil, Sharpener, Eraser 

Writing Board, 

White Paper Sheet (20),

Graph Papers (20), 


Different Size Ball (2), 

Thread (10 m), 

Nails (20),



As promised, the event will be absolutely FREE from my end, however we would appreciate if people can donate above mentioned KITS to the underprivileged & unprivileged kids and RealSchool will execute the same event for them as well. 

However the KITS can be designed with an entirely different perspective, which can help them for a longer time. I think, when you are donating, you should also donate some books and copies in it. Probably the entire KIT will not cost you in a range of INR 150 - 300. 

Real School can help you reduce the cost by common buying platform.  However i will appreciate that you donate it in a multiple of 10 (however single KIT is always welcome). 

If you like the concept, i would request you to sponsor an event for 20 or 40 kids. 


We can execute this event at a common place like Lodhi Garden, Deer Park etc, however if someone can sponsor a free place in Delhi, nothing like it. 

The place should be suitable to accommodate around 50-60 people (around 20 kids and parents).

In case of common place, parents are advised to carry eatable and drinking water for them and for the kids, however on a sponsored place, the place owner can charge INR 50/- to 100/-per head from the parents in lieu of Water, Cold Drinks, Snacks and arranging support staff. Option on the same will be clear very soon. 

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