Game-based Negotiation Skills Workshop - Bangalore

Game-based Negotiation Skills Workshop - Bangalore


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About The Event

For the first time in India!

A virtual world simulator. A thrilling video game. A 2 day intensive classroom experience


Strengthen and refine your negotiation skills to become an effective negotiator through the Merchants game. 

Participants assume the role of a 15th century Venetian merchant and are immersed in a competition to grow a maritime trading company, with the goal of being the most successful merchant. Players meet historical figures like Leonardo da Vinci and Machiavelli while learning to negotiate and, as they build financial resources, purchase ships, establish trade routes and deal in valuable commodities.


Take a look at the Merchants game demo


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 Is it right for you?


This workshop is right for you if you engage in any negotiation activities with customers, teams, peers, partners and vendors at your workplace.


What will it cover?


Course: General

  • The facilitator will take the role of a mentor and convey key instructive points. These lessons can be revisited in the game and can be printed out for further reference.
  • Several readings to complement the mentor lessons
  • Six negotiating cases conveying critical negotiation tips and techniques


Course Section I: Understanding

Case: Resolve a client conflict
  • The fundamentals of a negotiation
  • Keys to building trust
  • How to avoid common mistakes


Course Section II: Information and Interests

Case: Negotiate a sensitive political agreement
  • Strategies to obtain information
  • Determining objectives and clarifying interests


Course Section III: Flexibility

Case: Secure a business loan
  • Focusing on interests vs positions
  • Introducing "magic" variables to increase the size of the pies


Course Section IV: Criteria and Procedures

Case: Negotiate a joint venture
  • How to use anchor points that satisfy your interests
  • Managing variables during the bargaining phase
  • 6 essential rules to concessions
  • Employing objective criteria and procedures


Course Section V: Communication

Case: Negotiation between sovereign nations
  • Checklist to prepare for your negotiation
  • Keys to communicating and presenting your proposal


Course Section VI: Review

Case: Hire a highly regarded manager

  • Extensive review and application of all you have learned



What will you get?

  • 1 year access to the game
  • Resource guide
  • Activity sheets
  • Certificate of completion


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