Game-based Leadership Skills Workshop - Chennai

Game-based Leadership Skills Workshop - Chennai


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About The Event

For the first time in India!

A virtual world simulator. A thrilling video game. A 2 day intensive classroom experience


Strengthen the leadership skills needed for managing high-performance teams through the Pacific game. 

Participants must lead a team to survive and make it off the island where they are trapped. The participants will enjoy a unique survival adventure while learning and practising lessons about the reality of teams, leadership, motivation, conflict resolution, delegation and empowerment.


Take a look at the Pacific game demo



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Is this right for you? 


This workshop is right for you if you are engaged in leading or managing a team, or training leaders and managers at your workplace.


What will it cover?


Module I: Inside out

  • Knowing myself and analysing how my nature affects the team
  • Detecting if I am contributing to a problem
  • Considering how I can improve, teach by example and use feedback as a tool for continuous improvement


Module II: Give meaning to the team

  • Establishing the mission and vision of the team
  • Setting rules, principles and values for the work the team is doing
  • Planning short-term and long-term goals. Both as a group and as individuals
  • Establishing the functions and responsibilities of the people on the team


Module III: Build team spirit

  • Encouraging deep mutual understanding among the members of the team
  • Analysing the strong and weak points of the people and of the team
  • Creating an environment of trust and interdependence
  • Promotion of teamwork
  • Using team-building to improve team spirit and performance


Module IV: Motivate

  • Detecting and comprehending the needs and motivations of each person
  • Comprehending and utilising motivational factors
  • Using resources and tools to increase the motivation of the team and its members
  • Using communication as a tool for motivating
  • Recognising and rewarding results


Module V: Develop

  • Improving the communication skills of everyone in the team
  • Interpersonal communication
  • Solving problems and making decisions
  • Resolving conflicts quickly and efficiently
  • Improving the efficiency and effectiveness of daily work
  • Time management


Module VI: Strengthen

  • Understanding the mechanisms of effective delegation
  • Using delegation
  • Giving and receiving positive and negative feedback
  • Communication as a catalyst for performance
  • Evaluating performance
  • Coaching


What will you get?

  • 1 year access to the game
  • Resource guide
  • Activity sheets
  • Certificate of completion


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