Future Of The Museum Collection III - Group Exhibition At Visual Art Gallery

Future Of The Museum Collection III - Group Exhibition At Visual Art Gallery


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Future Of The Museum Collection III Group exhibition of art works with various mediums. Curated by Johny M. L.

Ranging from paintings, sculptures, photographs to framed installations and experimental works, the creative output of these 36 young artists showcases the variety and the best of the contemporary art produced in India today. Each work is carefully selected by a team of experts headed by Art Bull India's curatorial consultant and art critic Johny M.L. 'This show brings before you a bouquet of talents. These young artists are not limited by conventional methods or jaded academic training. With an enthusiasm to experiment and progress each one of them display their talent to run a long race, produce enduring works of art and create a history for themselves. The title, 'Future of the Museum Collection III' is amply justified by the variety of these works,' says JohnyML

Young artists like like Anindita Bhattacharya, Gopal Samantray, Koustav Nag, Madhu Venugopalan, Pratibha Singh, Priti Kahar, Priyanka Govil, Shefali Munjal, Suananda Khajuria, Varun Cursetji, Vinita Dasgupta and others have already shown their creative talents on various platforms and Art Konsult has been always in the forefront to catch them young and promote. 'Future of the Museum Collection is an interesting concept that we have come up two seasons back. This aims at initiating the patrons of art into the latest and the happening kind of art. As we know, museum is the point in the process of value generation of a work of art. So through this series, we trace out the trajectory of these artists who are capable enough to reach up to the Museums,' says Siddhartha Tagore, Director of the Art Konsult Gallery.

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