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About The Event

A blast of Flat Water Kayaking that teaches you to steer a Kayak the fun way and also enjoy some competitive racing (for the 7:15 session only) on a stable three person sit on top Kayak.


Introduce yourself to an adventure water sport the fun and safe way or just drop in for some great upper body fitness across about 2 plus hours.


Great coaching, fabulous environment and loads of fun for all ages.


A Light breakfast is served and 50% concessions provided for sailing and Waveboarding.


Call +91 888506220 for details.   Check us out at   OR our Fb page www.facebook/yachtclubhyderabad

What to carry : A change of clothes and a bag to carry your wet clothes back

Locker Facilities are available for valuables

Organizer’s name: The Yacht Club of Hyderabad




Can I see what Kayaking looks like ?

You can check out a previous event here : 


I cannot swim and I have never Kayaked ? 

We take special care of non-swimmers so long as you are not afraid of water and can float in a life jacket comfortably without fear and apprehension. The session is for beginners and is recreational in nature.


What will I learn ?

The basics of paddling and manoeuvring a Kayak on flat water and some racing too. 


What are the age limits ?

You can be upwards of 7 years and there is no upper limit so long as you are fit and have no physical or mental ailments or condition that may limit your participation in a vigorous adventure water sport. We have even raced elderly participants.


Is Kayaking good for Fitness ? 

Kayaking is great for fitness and it complements other fitness activities, like running or biking, because it doesn't involve pounding and stressing your joints, uses your core upper body and burns a load of calories. Check it out at : 


How safe is Kayaking and Sailing ?  

Flat-water Kayaking is a very safe adventure sport. Safety measures are in place with proper certified life jackets and on-the -water safety vessels. Please download the basic safety instructions at:  


What do I need for the Event?

Comfortable clothes that you don't mind getting dirty/wet. Extra set of clothes, sunscreen (if necessary), cap, towel and a reusable carry bag for your wet clothes. A locker facility for valuables is available.

Have a light breakfast, and carry drinking water (if you are sensitive to regular water). We serve a light Udipi breakfast at the venue.  


Can I get some more information about the Yacht Club ?

Download the flyer at :

Or just browse the website at :


Can I bring my family and friends along to watch?

Yes, we would encourage you to bring your family and friends along to participate or watch you take part.


Washroom facilities available.


For any inquiry you can text or call in the following order: 

1) The Yacht Club Mobile : +91-8885062220  OR 

2) Mr.Asif Ahmed at          : +91 8142547294 

3) YCH Boatshed                : +91 40 64640518 


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