Fungus Funk and Twisted Kala (6hrs Set) Open Air on 5th Feb

Fungus Funk and Twisted Kala (6hrs Set) Open Air on 5th Feb


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About The Event

Twisted Kala Live-6hrs Set and Fungus Funk Live-5th Feb-Sunday!!
No Opening or Closing Act>>
Sergei Prilepa aka Fungus Funk!!
Psy-Trance producer & DJ from Moscow, Russia

Fungus Funk is Sergei Prilepa, an established psychedelic trance musician from Moscow, Russia. Sergei started producing psytrance in 1998, and he has been releasing his music internationally since 2001.

Over the past 15 years, Fungus Funk has put out his compilation tracks on Acidance, Deja Vu, Goanmantra, Insomnia, Noise Conspiracy, Crystal Matrix and numerous other labels. To his credit are four well-received full length albums: ‘F-People’ (2006) on Acidance, ‘Vostok 1′ (2008) together with Samadhi on Blitz Studios, ‘Electric Grooves’ (2010) also on Blitz Studios, and ‘Kremlin Gremlin’ (2012) on his own label Unlimited Music. Additionally, Sergey also released two acclaimed EPs: ‘Tune In’ on Planet B.E.N. as Fungus Funk, and ‘Star Eater’ on Sun Station as Astroff, both in 2011.

Fungus Funk’s sound is not easy to define as it incorporates features from different sub-genres of psytrance and generally tends to change from album to album. Sergey has produced tracks together with pioneers of the Russian night sound such as Kindzadza and Psykovsky, and he has stayed true to this sound in ‘Vostok 1′ and ‘Kremlin Gremlin’. However, at the same time it has not stopped the musician from producing more morning tracks with artists such as Ananda Shake, and this full-on influence can be heard in ‘Electric Grooves’ and ‘F-People’. Regardless of which version of Fungus Funk you get to experience, it is guaranteed to be full of fat well defined basslines, powerful psychedelic leads, and top-notch sequencing.

Courtesy of his productive musical output and subsequent popularity in the international psytrance scene, Fungus Funk regularly travels the globe and plays his live and DJ sets at various dance music events. Among some of the bigger festivals he has appeared at are the well-known Boom Festival (Portugal), Sonica (Italy), Antaris (Germany), Transcendence (Brazil), and Hadra (France) among others.

Twisted Kala - FRANCE
Twisted Kala is Karine, originally from France and now living between Portugal and India.

For her, dancing and listening to music is active meditation.....…meditation being the place where you become aware of your connexion with the universe, with the “whole”, any living thing.

A classicallly trained and highly prolific producer with numerous releases, Karine also teaches music production, including online production courses. We first met Karine in 2008 and were honored to release 3 of her tracks on the 2011 complilation, Louves (She-Wolves).

Her website has lots of information and links to her other labels (Akashik / Biomechanix / Disco Valley / Raag Taal / Psy - Sisters / Goan Mantra / Active Meditation Music/ Urban Antidote / Popol Vuh ) , releases, MAGIC and much more, so check out: !

Club rules shall apply:
No re entry
Frisking of guests for security will take place.
Anyone caught or suspected to be with illicit substances shall be removed straight away.
No bags allowed inside the venue.

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