Fundamentals of Photography Workshop

Fundamentals of Photography Workshop


  • Fundamentals of Photography Workshop

    Fundamentals of Photography Workshop

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About The Event


Seeing, Looking, Watching, Vision = Photography

At Fundamentals of Photography workshop you will learn the basics required to move off AUTO Modes and get dramatically better photos. The thought of moving off AUTO may be a little daunting. To really get creative control over your photos you need some basic photography principles – it’s not ‘rocket science’ but it is Essential. This course will get you into the creative modes of your camera and on the road to amazing photos.

The Workshop includes:

  • Course Material
  • Lunch, Coffee and Snacks on both days
  • Hands on sessions throughout the course


Introduction and Understanding of Camera
Introduction to Camera
Understanding of Frame, Subject and Angles
Understanding of Auto Modes

Module 2:
Shutter Speed
f/ stop explained
Relation between Aperture and Shutter Speed
Reciprocity Theory
Performance of the lens at various f/ stops
How to select the correct aperture and shutter speed for the job?
When to use aperture priority, shutter priority or program mode?
Manual Mode
Bulb Mode

Techniques to Practice
How to care for your lenses and camera body
Format – JPEG and RAW
Right way of balancing yourself
Picking the right lens
Importance of Background

Natural and Artificial Lights
Right time to take pictures
Low Light Techniques
Artificial Lights (Flash, Torch, Candle etc)
Using your Camera Flash

Flash Exposure Compensation
Focal Length
Depth of field
Hyperfocal distance
Focus Point/F-Point/Point of Focus
Techniques to enhance Focus point in an Image
ISO and what does it do?
Preset White Balance
Exposure Bracketing
Different types of light meters
Reflective and incident metering
Different types of Metering Modes
The 18% grey card and its uses

Rule of Thumb
Exposure Triangle
Rule of third – Composition

Basic Understanding of Post Processing
Cropping and Image Editing
Brightness, Contrast, Saturation Adjustments
Sharpening, Noise Reduction
Adding Copyright (Watermark text)

As a part of the above workshop you will get guidance and tips on:
• Portrait Photography
• Bird/Wildlife Photography
• Creative Photography
• Macro Photography
• Wedding Photography
• Journalism/Street Photography
• Landscape Photography
• Product Photography etc

Field Session

Guided field session at Lal Bagh to practice concepts learnt in the classroom
Review of photographs from field session


Terms & Conditions

  • Capture ‘O’ Graphy shall not be held responsible for any kind of injuries, damages or losses caused during the workshop
  • Cancellation of Registration:  One month prior 100% Refundable; 20 days prior 50% refundable; 10 days prior 25% refundable; less than 10 days no refundable

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