Fund Raising Through Private Equity - The Fourth Wheel Of Indian Economy

Fund Raising Through Private Equity - The Fourth Wheel Of Indian Economy


About The Event


A private equity investment is generally made by a private equity firm, a venture capital firm or an angel investor. Each of these categories of investor has its own set of goals, preferences and investment strategies; each however providing working capital to a target company to nurture expansion, new product development, or restructuring of the company's operations, management, or ownership.

The economy is as diverse as it is large, with sectors from biotech to manufacturing and infrastructure to retail offering attractive opportunities for investors. In 2010 Indian private equity and venture capital was in boisterous health with firms investing 7.97 billion dollars in 325 deals, compared with 4.07 billion dollars and 290 deals in the previous year.

For investors looking to juice up lackluster returns in other PE markets, India's long-term potential is clear with more exits than recent years expected in 2011, as portfolio companies mature. There are still question marks however, over whether the market as a whole can live up to expectations.

Key Issues
* An Overview of Private Equity in Indian Trends

* Regulatory Framework for PE Investment
* PE as a Value Addition to India Economy
* Raising of the Funds
* Investment Opportunities
* PE Opportunities
* Challenges for Domestic and International LP's
* Due Diligence
* Sector Focused- Infrastructure & Real Estate

Who Should Attend
Representatives of:
* Banks & Investment Banks

* Development Finance Institutes
* Sovereign Wealth Funds
* Fund of Funds
* Private Equity Firms & Venture Capital Firms
* Insurance Companies
* Micro Finance Companies
* Pension Funds & Fund Managers
* CFO'S & CEO's, Consultants
* Economic Counselor's of Foreign Missions
* Faculty/ Students of Finance

Invited Speakers

* Shri Dinesh Kumar Mittal, IAS, Secretary, Department of Banking & Insurance, GOI
* Mr. Harish, Partner - Corporate Finance, Grant Thornton India
* Mr. Vinod Chandiok, Chairman, Walker Chandiok & Co
* Mr. B. D. Narang, Ex-CMD, OBC Bank
* Mr. Arvind Mathur, Chairman, Private Equity Pro Partners
* Mr. J. Thunugunthula, Head of Research- SMC
* Mr. Siddharth Nigam, Partner – M&A, Grant Thornton India
* Mr. Prashant Mehra, Partner- Transaction Advisory, Grant Thornton India
* Prof. Saurabh Agarwal, Vice Chairman, Indian Institute of Finance

Registration Fees: Delegate Fees: Rs. 5,000/- per delegate.

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