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FRIENDS Festival is an independent Visual Art /Music Festival bringing creative awareness to the local community through a variety of unique friendships and multicultural like minded creatives. FRIENDS Fest is all about the experience but also shining light on certain socal issues that effect our community! The Festival will premiere some of LA's most prominant Underground Musicians and Artist from all over the city!


Add in Interactive games, Clothing Giveaways, Spoken word, 2 Stages, FREE WEED and live visual painting for an experience you wont want to miss! Some of the artist on the bill have yet to become big enough to perform at a Huge Corporate Festival like Paid Dues or Made in America, but they are just as good as most the artist touring globally today. This Festival is a way to help them find resources, make connections and showcase their art infront of a large group of their peers and press. A lot of the Artist have undiscovered genius that isn't being catered to and we wanted to create a system that helps them fuel that expression and open up their mind to the endless possibilities that would bring. Artist will also be live painting a massive 25x10 ft Friends 3 Festival canvas sponsored by WAV, that will be auctioned off at the end of the Festival. We can not emphasize enough that the experience is everything!


FRIENDS is For the people and by the People! Come out OCT 7th and support the Arts and the local Artist in your communicate that dedicate their lives to creating things to make the world a better place!


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