Free Webinar - Environment vs. Development: A False Conflict?

Free Webinar - Environment vs. Development: A False Conflict?


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About The Event

- conducted by Thomas Crowley

* This is a live web based seminar / workshop that will be held via the web*

About Thomas Crowley
After graduating from Yale University with a degree in philosophy, Thomas
moved to Pune, where he served as a Fulbright scholar and studied the intersection of philosophy, religion and ecology in the state of Maharashtra. He has written articles for both popular and academic sources on subjects ranging from Sant Tukaram (well known spiritual poet) to bottled water.
Thomas is currently a researcher at Intercultural Resources, a Delhi-based NGO. He is completing an independent research project on the history and current status of the Delhi Ridge, the Indian capital city’s green lung. 

His other interests include cycling, climbing, New Zealand folk-hip-hop and Aristotelian hylomorphism. (We’re pretty sure he’s kidding about that last one, but it’s hard to be sure ;))


This is what Thomas has to say about the webinar he is going to conduct :

"I thought of this idea because it seems to be very much in the news today, so I thought it would draw interest. Basically, I would critique the idea that environmental protection and development are locked in a zero-sum game: anything that's good for the environment is bad for development and vice versa. Of course, being a good philosopher, I'd tried to explore just what we mean by "environment" and "development," and I'd argue that the two are only in inevitable conflict if we take up very narrow definitions of the terms. Throughout, I'd draw from contemporary examples in India."

The above mentioned webinar / webtalk is a Free event. 

Company - EduStation Online
Date - 23rd September 2011
Time - 7pm - 8pm (IST - Indian time)
9:30 - 10:30 AM (EST - USA & Canada - east coast)
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