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"The Journey will inspire millions, not only those with physical challenges in their lives but those seeking spiritual understanding." Candace Pert, PhD - Author, Molecules of Emotion  

Described as the future of medicine The Journey (published by Harper Collins and an international best seller) is a profound healing tool that is recognized the world over as a simple yet powerful and empowering process of self-healing by integrating mind, body and spirit. Originally developed by Brandon Bays to heal herself from a life threatening tumor in only 6 ½ weeks. The Journey process is now used by millions world-wide and is a testament to the power of healing that lies within. People are using The Journey to help heal from issues such as chronic pain; anxiety, depression and sexual blocks; self-esteem, grief, and anger; addictions and illnesses. It is so easy that children are using The Journey technique in schools with incredible results.

The Journey was launched in India last year in a multi city tour and presented by Brandon Bays and Dr Rangana Rupavi Choudhuri (PhD). Dr Choudhuri has a PhD in Cancer Research from Oxford University and ten years ago was devastated to discover she had abnormal cells and a chronic hormonal condition. Dr Choudhuri says “It was another two years before I discovered the Journey and used the exact processes taught at the Journey seminar to heal myself without the need for drugs or surgery. The abnormal cells physically came out of my body and I have been clear ever since. After recovering fully I felt so grateful to be alive that I left my highly paid corporate career to travel around the world and empower people to find their own healing path.”

Many of those who attended the Journey program last year stated that, their lives have been significantly transformed from overcoming anxiety, to feeling more positive about healing from Cancer as well as re-gaining hearing after 20 years. This is what they have to say…

Navo Lina  “For me, attending the Journey program was nothing short of a miracle. I was going through the toughest phase of my life. Depression, anxiety, stress, abuse, trauma, lack of confidence, inferiority complex, a suicidal tendency…I had them all.  I had a very abusive childhood, both physically and emotionally. I used to feel trapped, as if locked up inside a box, unable to breathe. This led to my developing high blood pressure at a very young age as a side effect of anxiety and excessive stress. Then I attended the Journey program and it cleared all my doubts and made me free from the bondage of negativity. The Physical Journey process has helped me in clearing many blockages. After attending the Journey program life has changed a lot for me and is still changing everyday. I no longer take medication daily for my anxiety attacks, I feel a sense of completeness, I am happy from within.”

Ashi Chandra has been battling colon cancer for the past four years.  Just when her hopes of recovery were at their lowest and her spirit at its dimmest, Ashi discovered the Journey.  “I completely buy Brandon’s proposition that diseases are the net result of piling up negative emotions within us since childhood, that’s when the process of shutting down begins.” Journey work has helped Ashi clear the layers of built up hurt and rejection and let go of all the excess emotional baggage which hampered her from moving ahead. Today, a deeper understanding of what could have caused her disease and the knowledge that real healing lies in her own hands has given Ashi a new confidence that she can and will win the battle against her condition.

Nita Gupta "Over 20 years ago, I had an accident where I fell on my ear. I had lost all hearing function from my left ear after it bled profusely. About 3 weeks ago, I attended the Journey Manifest Abundance Seminar. After the retreat, on the flight back to Delhi, I suddenly realized that I was able to hear my iPod through my left ear. I deliberated and tested it for about three to four weeks, before I contacted my lecturer, Rangana to let her know the good news and express my gratitude to the JOURNEY and the founder Brandon Bays.”

The Journey builds on the work of famed endocrinologist Deepak Chopra and renowned cellular biologist Dr Candace Pert. Brandon Bays’ shares how modern science is the very essence of Journey work. “Emotional or physical issues are the gateway to realise our boundless potential and inner freedom. These challenges can be an invitation to undergo our own healing journey and are an opportunity to learn what our soul is trying to teach us through dis-ease and years of pain and hurt. Bays goes on to describe that, “cellular biologists have found that when emotions are suppressed, a specific biochemistry is released into the blood stream and blocks certain cell receptors, which are then isolated and cannot communicate with any other cells in the body. If these cells remain blocked over time and if disease happens, it's likely to happen in the part of the body where the cells are blocked.”

Journey work has been called the “missing link” and its techniques enables one to open into their innate potential, access these cellular memories, resolving and clearing them completely. Dr Paddy Rudden, who has been in medical practice for more that 30 years, believes this approach is the future of medicine.  Dedicated to returning power to the individual through an integrated approach to healthcare he adds, “The only way you can hope to heal a person fully is by integrating mind and spirit as well as body.” Seemingly, self-healing is possible and is being seen over and over again.

International Journey presenter Dr Rangana Rupavi Choudhuri (PhD) will give a free introductory talk on ‘The Journey’ process on Dec 27th 2013. Rangana will share how the Journey can help adults, teenagers and children. For example, the Journey is known to help overcome anxiety, depression, relationship issues, career un-happiness, sexual blocks, past traumas, fears, emotional issues and physical ailments. It is a process of physical and emotional healing. 


This free talk will be excellent for those who want to:

Learn the latest alternate therapy method of cellular healing and transformation

Grow personally and develop spiritually

Know more about a technique that can help others and make a difference to their lives

Explore if the Journey is for them to overcome an illness and have more fulfilling work and relationship lives

Discover how the Journey can help adults, children and teenagers realise their potential

The talk is FREE and will start at 6.30pm and end at 8.30pm.

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About Rangana Rupavi Choudhuri (PhD)

Dr Rangana Rupavi Choudhuri is an International speaker and founder of Vitality Living College. With a PhD in Cancer Research from Oxford University Dr Choudhuri has run multi-billion dollar medical businesses in UK, USA & Europe. After having healed herself from abnormal cells, a chronic hormonal condition, debilitating body pain and daily migranes she left her highly paid corporate career and formed Vitality Living College and has dedicated her life to training others in the area of emotional health, peak performance and spiritual development. Dr Choudhuri is an EFT, NLP, Hypnotherapy Trainer as well as Journey Presenter. She only shares techniques that have proven a healing benefit personally or with those she has interacted with around the world. Dr Choudhuri currently travels around the world giving seminars and workshops and is on a mission to create practitioners and trainers so that many more people may benefit from the healing processes. 

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